10 Franchises With Great Potential That Microsoft Is Neglecting

"People often complaint that Microsoft has a very poor first party exclusives lineup, with franchises such as Fable, Forza, Halo and Gears of War being recycled over and over. However, contrary to popular belief, Microsoft does have a lot first party IPs which, unfortunately, they completely ignore.
These IPs have great potential, and is utilized properly, they can turn into big, blockbuster franchises. So listen below are ten franchises that we believe have a lot of potential, which Microsoft bafflingly neglects.
BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT this list will cover not just Xbox 360 franchises, but Microsoft franchises on the PC too. So enjoy the list, tell us what you think of our compilation, and which franchises you would like to see more of!"

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Squatch832438d ago

Gimme a Jet Force Gemini and ill be happy.

Also: RC Pro Am and Blast Corps...

Well i reckon the list would be populated with titles from when Rare was alive.

Yi-Long2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

... Rallisport Challenge 2 is still my all-time favourite rally game.

Just stunningly gorgeous when it came out and even today it's still amazing to look at. Fantastic gameplay as well.

Yi-Long2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

... they could bring an open-world flight-'simulator' with avatars to XBLA, so kinda a Modnation Racers but with planes, and with your own avatar flying them, and you can just fly around a big huge open world with different themes and weather and interact and have races, dogfights and challenges and have your own 'home' airstrip/airport which you can mod, along with your own planes and such.

Basically a 'Flight Simulator' or 'Microsoft Flight', but for XBL and with avatars.

Micro_Sony2437d ago

Am I the only one who loved Viva Pinata?

GrieverSoul2437d ago

Lost Odyssey was one of the best games I played this gen. Great, great game! One of the reason I bought a X360 and it was totally worth it.

snipes1012437d ago

Microsoft should really be using rare for more than simple Kinect titles number one. Yes, the team that is there now is nothing like the team that made classics like Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini and Banjo Kazzoie. But I think that, given some creative wiggle room, they could churn out a new iteration of any one of those franchises that would be worthy of the name.

It's weird to think about how many exclusives they have had that they have let fall by the wayside in the pursuit of the motion controller fad. I really wish that would die out already.

NukaCola2437d ago

I wish they would make another Project Gotham Racing already. WTH guys!?!???

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fatalred alarm2438d ago

I would kill for an open world alan wake 2... the first was amazing.

FlintGREY2437d ago

I found Alan Wake to be boring as hell...

Aloren2437d ago


And starlancer. And crimson skies.

Bleucrunch2438d ago

from this the only games that I agree with were Project Gotham Racing and Lost Oddessy....Two great games that I absolutely loved playing.

Solidus187-SCMilk2437d ago

Id really like to see them have remedy make a new Alan wake, I know MS can make thsi happen. Also I really want a shadow complex 2. I dont think MS owns those Ips, but I know that they can have the sequels made if they want.

I really like Shadow complex, my favorite DL game, and Alan Wake.

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zeal0us2438d ago

Rare is number #1(in my book) on the list so much potential but they are just throwing it away.

-Mika-2438d ago

Agree. I wish sony bought them. atleast then they might have been making games they love. Instead they are stuck with making kinect games.

Also lost Odyssey wasn't a "beautiful game" It was really average. Boring characters, story, world, battle system. There was nothing unique about the game. I wish people would stop over-hyping it.

Kahvipannu2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I disagree. Lost Odyssey is my favourite JRPG, the game is simply amazing. It IS the game people wanted/waited to FF-XIII to be. It's my personal number one from that wish list.

But yeah, it's so sad that Rare isn't making "real" games now. Kameo is still amazing, one of my favourite X0 games, and Viva Pinata was surprisingly great too. I have been hoping new Banjo, Conker, or PD, but I have lost hope in that of matter...

coolbeans2438d ago

Nothing unique? You have lava falling from the sky in the prolouge (and more throughout the game)!

baodeus2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I think JRPG isn't your thing then. Did you even spend time to read since they don't use CGI to tell story? Kaim is one of my top favorite character in JRPG thanks to all those little stories. No CGI in FF can ever get you more acquainted with your character as much as reading those dream sequences in Lost Odyssey. Most of the main characters aren't teenager either and they are quite normal people like u and me, which is quite refreshing. Everything else is pretty standard JRPG, although i did wish they put a bit more into the battle system, but it isn't bad by any mean.

Although i agree with some like PGR, Lost Odyssey, Alan Wake, but there are a couple of other games i would kill to get:

Phantom Dust
Panza Dragoon
Advent Rising
Jetset Radio

Captain Qwark 92438d ago

lost odyssey is one of the best rpgs i have ever played.....i wish people like you could see why it was so good

Eamon2437d ago

I agree that the story of Lost Odyssey was a bit boring however the world, battle system and overall gameplay was AMAZING.

Tito082437d ago

@ baodeus- Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon & Otogi aren't first party titles, they're 3rd party by Sega, Advent Rising is Majesco... Only Phamtom Dust is first party.... The article is about first party games, but Microsoft should also consider to have talks with Sega and Majesco to bring those games back!!!!!

baodeus2434d ago


Alan Wake is from 3rd party developer as well, not 1st. I think he might just mean exclusives in general.

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fluffydelusions2438d ago

Problem is RARE is not what it used to be. It's basically just the name now and nothing else. Most of the original devs all left.

lelo2play2438d ago

Yep, i agree. All the talent has left Rare.

SilentNegotiator2438d ago

Well, Kameo wasn't too bad. And BK:NB wasn't so much "bad" as it was a poor use of franchise.

I'm not sure I'd say they have NO talent left.
But they're certainly not being.....led into good use of it.

Laxman2162438d ago

Very true. But that still means Microsoft own all the Rare brands and IP's, meaning they should at least be trying to make something out of the Rare classics. Seriously, Conkers bad Fur Day is one of the most acclaimed and loved cult classic video games of all time - a fully fledged sequel with a return of the classic MP from the 64 game and not that rubbish that was in the Xbox version, and it has amazing potential that I would love to see realized. I love my Xbox, but Im worried about its state of original IPs and exclusives.

WhiteLightning2437d ago

I wish Rare would sell their games to Sony....or even Nintendo

Although with Nintendo taking the casual path and the fact that we still don't where they stand with core games for the Wii U. I would rather see them go to Sony for now.

Imagine a Conker sequel on the PS3.....the online Tediz vs Squirrels would be sick. Even a huge open world levels in a Banjo Kazzoie game, non of that Nuts and Boltza crap...a true Banjo Threeie

Lord_Sloth2438d ago

Everything but Halo, Gears, and Fable.

2 of those could deal with some touch up as it stands.

Why o why2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

And forza dude. That quartet is safe to the point im sure we'll see more. It seems anything risque or didnt sell to their liking gets or has been overlooked. Some will and can argue that they have enough games to play including multiplats and thats fair enough for them but some do yearn for more. MS definitely had a strong pick of ips to bring into this gen but it seems they concentrated more on getting what they didnt have instead of building on what they did have. Can you imagine a 360 cimson sure it wouldnt sell like halo or gears for sure but it seems kinects new focus is making games that are cheaper to develop and appeal to a much bigger demographic...le casuals

Lord_Sloth2438d ago

Indeed. Casual fans are shakey ground as well. When they get bored, they don't buy more like gamers. They get rid of the product.

Cajun Chicken2438d ago

Sadly missing Crimson Skies and Bloodwake.

NotSoSilentBob2437d ago

You forgot the Mechwarrior franchise. I would say mechassault, but playing the original Mechwarrior games the Mechassualts are just crap.

pctrollv42438d ago

we need a new Lost Odyssey, best JRPG of this generation by far. Puts ff13 to shame IMO.

Matrix_2438d ago

And you think ff 13 was the only other jrpg?

I have hundreds and hundreds to pick from when I think of best.

FlashXIII2438d ago

I've played a lot of the JRPGs this gen and Lost Odyssey is easily up there with the very best.

Matrix_2438d ago

Its up there sure. But it would take me a long ass time to think about what the best was when Ive played so many

Kahvipannu2438d ago

Yeah, I simply loved that game.. Truly a masterpiece, which didn't get the credit it deserved when it came out..

C L O U D2438d ago

Lost Odyssey is so amazing

Kur02438d ago

You must not play a lot of current gen JRPGs then. Just the Tales and Tonelico games are better.

pctrollv42438d ago

i would disrepectufully disagree, just because tales series are not my style. I love turn based jrgps and lost odyssey as well as The Last Remnant (pc version) are the most fun JRPG's ive played. I did love tales of symphonia on gamecube though lol.

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