Play Battlefield 3 before release - EA touring with Xbox 360 builds

OXM writes: Did you miss Battlefield 3 at GAMEfest? Did you miss GAMEfest altogether? Not to worry. Much as the mountain came to Mohammed, so EA's bringing the DICE shooter to UK universities this October.

The publisher's touring the UK with playable builds, starting at Cardiff University on the 24th. That's four days ahead of the European release, and a day before the Yanks get their fill. Rejoice, Welsh people! For soon you will be running down a slope in Operation Guillotine, trying your best not to head-butt a mortar.

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lelo2play2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Strange... Now all of a sudden EA wants to show the X360 version. Are they worried with the number of preorders for the X360 version, and are tying to increase those preorders...

Caleb_1412249d ago

Who cares mate - they've shown direct footage of all 3 builds of the game and that's fantastic, if only more devs would do the same thing.

cstyle2249d ago

i doubt they are worried about 360 sales. History tells us that the 360 version will most likely out sell the other versions.

FrigidDARKNESS2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

EA and Dice has no one to blame but themselves. The game will look no where as good as MW2 and MW3. Activision will reap the benefits of this and EA quarterly earnings will suffer big time. @ server-1 Ea is worried trust me read in between the lines.

illtownNJONE2248d ago

Battlefield 3 will look good on all platforms