Nyko Zoom For Kinect:GamerXchange Review

Thecrapgamer from GamerXchange writes:
One of the biggest complaints about Kinect when it launched last year was that you needed a lot of space to operate it properly. If you wanted to use Kinect for two players simultaneously, then you might need between ten and twelve feet of space between you and your television. Lately with some pretty nice titles released for Kinect, like Child Of Eden, Gunstringer and Rise Of Nightmares and with Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports Season 2 coming out later this year, a lot of people have shown interest in Kinect, but fear they lack the room to effectively use the device.

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Shojin12554d ago

Can someone make a zoom "out" further...?

xtremeimport2554d ago

a add-on for a add-on....hmm

Vegetom2554d ago

Yeah just like all those Move and Wii mote accessories..

B1663r2554d ago

I knew I had seen it all when I saw the giant wii mote for the wii mote add on, which was wii mote extender that looked like a great big wii mote...

user8586212554d ago

yup just like that plastic gun thing the "sharpshooter" was it??

callahan092554d ago

It doesn't deserve a 10. I bought one day one because of IGN's 10 out of 10 review, and it was worthless. It literally doesn't work at all. I spent 2 hours recalibrating, changing the lighting in my room, changing my distance from the camera, changing the height and positioning of the camera, and it just wouldn't respond to any motions I made in any kind of consistent manner. As soon as I took it off, the Kinect worked fine again. Put it on, and it can't recognize my hands anymore. It's useless.

KingME2554d ago

try taking it out of the

callahan092554d ago

Um, what? I bought it, I installed it, it didn't work. I made adjustment, after adjustment, after adjustment, and I still couldn't get it to work.

And if you do even 10 seconds of research online you'll see that lots of people bought it and couldn't get their Kinect to work after installing it.

These perfect scores seem to completely ignore the obvious and documented evidence of its fickle nature and complete inability to work for some people.

IM_A_NINJA2554d ago

Maybe yours was defective? Mine worked flawlessly. It does just what they advertise it to do. Snap it on and calibrate it for the 2 minutes or whatever it was and then your good to go.

callahan092554d ago

Well this is bullshit. Nothing but disagrees. I bought this thing and it didn't work. Now what I'm doing is warning people who might be reading this that it doesn't necessarily work. I don't deserve to be slammed with disagrees for that. Go to Amazon and read customer reviews if you think this thing works perfectly for everyone.

RBlaze2554d ago

Don't take the disagrees to heart, dude.

I more than appreciate your warning! But I can neither agree or disagree with you because I don't own the device!! The people who have disagreed might have tried the device and got it working!

But thanks for the warning! The reviewers have reviewed a device that worked for them hence the score. But reviews are only someone's public opinion!

Anyway, mate. I hope you took the device back to the store for a refund or replacement!!


lashes2ashes2554d ago

you probably did not line the lenses up right when sliding it on. i got it and played hours of gunstringer with no problems. works perfecly.

callahan092554d ago

I considered that when I first had problems. I took it off and put it back on. It snapped into place, I looked at the lenses and they looked lined up to ke in addition to the snapped-in-place feel that kept the device from slidig left or right after it snapped in. I do not know why it failed for me, but it did unfortunately.

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CaptainMarvelQ82554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

how can someone score review a device,it either works or it doesn't

Forbidden_Darkness2554d ago

Well it could work well or sorta okay, how easy it is to install, how it looks and etc.

Pillville2554d ago

Actually, it makes more sense to review things like this. They can report on how well it works, or if it works as advertised.

For games, movies, music, etc.. the reviews are all based a lot on personal opinion and tastes which make the review worthless.

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