Battlefield 3 dev: "we definitely see potential in the Wii U"

According to DICE, developers of Battlefield 3, they "Definitely see potential" in the upcoming Wii U console by Nintendo.

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Rearden2368d ago

What else is he supposed to say? The console hasn't come out yet, devs only have early stage hardware to work with.

Joegrine202368d ago

ppl like u who define the wrd jack...............a$$

matey2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

he is a jacka** 1 of them guys that spent his life savings on a ps3 and doesnt want to beleive any system can shit all over it sorry kid but wiiu is like comparable to dx11/dx12 in 1080p with extreme frame rates was it Crytek just last week said there Nottingham branch the 1 that makes all the graphic heavy titles is super impressed by the power.

As an investor said that the wiiu is 28nm so its basically a HD7000 custom so it will do graphicsway way beyond anything u see now even on pc FACT.

The next ps3 ect will not be more powerful than the wiiu as its 28nm and 4/6 core power 7 cpu will be super powerful and unsurpassed for 4/5 years easy easpecially since its going to be all optimised just 4 gaming in other words look at what a 360 gpu that is equal to a HD 2000 series can do crysis2 ect.

I would pay £400 straight up 4 a console with custom HD 7000 series all day long as its more powerful than a pc with a Hd7000 gpu by far and yes its confirmed by an investor the wiiu has this.

MaxXAttaxX2368d ago

Until the next PlayStation system comes out (and Xbox).

Reborn2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Struggling to see how that changes their opinion.

They can't see potential, even with the next PS and Xbox? Really?

MaxXAttaxX2367d ago

I'm sure they'd be able to see potential in all of them.

kramun2367d ago

But this article isn't about all of them Nathan, it's about the Wii U. But you already knew this and just wanted to take a dig.

jessupj2367d ago

I really hope the Wii U doesn't hold the REAL next generation consoles back.

I really really hope....

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Hufandpuf2368d ago

I just hope devs won't use the WIi u as a gimmick like what happened with the WIi. My idea would be to use the handheld as a map which is touchscreen to place orders to your squad, and night vision/thermal activates if you hold it up to the screen.

Khordchange2368d ago

It does have a lot of potential, cant wait to see what it has to offer

Ness-Psi2368d ago

we saw some of the things they could do in the ghost recon on-line demo at E3, using the screen as a drone cam, or to command your squad. why do they think it has to be something completely new as long as they release battlefield on it, it will sell like hotcakes.

beast242tru2368d ago

as long as the wii u stays under 300 i mite buy one already gat 360 and a ps3 why not get the wii u ohhh i just remember that 300 can go towards a vita and ill just use that with my ps3 and ill hav sumthing like a wii u but just better IMO

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The story is too old to be commented.