Battlefield 3's PS3 Deal A Response to Modern Warfare 3/360 Agreement?

"As expected, during Microsoft's E3 2011 Press Conference back in June, Infinity Ward announced that Xbox 360 owners would receive Modern Warfare 3 downloadable content a month before those who pick it up on the PlayStation 3. In response to this deal, it seems as if Sony has taken the initiative to make a deal of their own with Modern Warfare 3's competitor this holiday season, Battlefield 3."

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-Mika-2522d ago

Well it only a week. Not a month but it still good. I hate that cod games do that. A whole month is just way too long. PS3 owners payed $60 just like the 360 version. I think activision should take a page out of battlefield and release the ps3 dlc a week after the 360.

dangert122522d ago

It was mentioned In E3 2010 that EA,Ubisoft and valve would be bringing exclusive content to the ps3 or to the ps3 first yes I do rekon cod provoak such deals/partnerships but its not a new situation the told us this over a year ago

GrieverSoul2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I wonder how ELITE will work on PS3!
I mean, exclusive content for ELITE members my a$$ if the X360 crowd gets it one month before the PS3 crowd. I wonder how that will work.

Besides, either way this thing is stupid. Everybody paid 60$ for the game in both platforms. Why should one get it first than the other? Its just stupid. This is just a cheap tactic to make people buy one platform over the other but this is just small margin in the overall sales. The majority of people that buy CoD of BattleF are already owners of one console in my opinion.

DaCajun2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Didn't microsoft just say recently they wouldn't release DLC or anything else that was not released before or at least the same time as other platforms. So how come they are allowing this? I'm confused. Is it only for the small devs and publishers they can bully?

dangert122521d ago


Microsoft said they can choose to the fact BF3 Is such a big game means if they choose not to they could potential loose alot of money so they will accept it It mainly effects small devs who ain't creating big AAA 1m plus sales

MsmackyM2521d ago

Screw BF3 and MW. They would both rather screw over their fan base for a few handouts from Sony and MS. If I ever buy BF3 it would be an ultimate edition with all the dlc included, I don't mind waiting to spend my hard earned dollars wiser. MW3 however doesn't have a chance of receiving another dime from me.

UltimateIdiot9112521d ago

Good Luck, that may happen with PC but I am almost certain it won't happen for console.

Even when it does happen it will be over a year or two away based on previous BF games.

killajd2522d ago

I think its EA and sony with Microsoft and Activision!!!

killajd2522d ago

It shouldnt be like this but its all about the money!!! BF3 is looking great while CODMW3 is using all the same stuff. It still looks good tho.

cyborg69712522d ago

Screw mw3 they can keep the dlc and the game.

NuclearDuke2522d ago ShowReplies(3)
Whore_Mouth2522d ago

Hasn't Microsoft said in the past that if DLC isn't released simultaneously on consoles that it will not enter the marketplace? I know this is true with standalone downloads.

Also, games can't have on disk content different from theirs (Xbox). This last part confuses me though, because of fighting games having exclusive characters.

hiredhelp2522d ago

Your right article did state that. Funny how if it benifits MS its ok but if its not then its a no no.

BabyTownFrolics2521d ago

its an anti ps3 conspiracy, everyone knows that n4g is a xbox fanboy site

cryptkiller2521d ago

microsoft demands parity or to have it benifit the 360 for release, content on disk, dlc, downloadable games, performance and graphics pretty much everything has to be the same on the ps3 version as the 360 or benifit 360 version otherwise microsoft may refuse to publish the game. Witch is pretty sh**y because whos gona risk losing half or more of the profit by going agaist what microsoft want by makeing a game go to its full potential for each system separately not just take it to what 360 can handle and hold on its dvd and leave it at that. Its not fair on gamers that own both systems like me or just a ps3.
I think there would be less dlc you would have to buy to play if microsoft choose to use a disk with a larger capacity like sony did with the blu ray disk.
Look at La noire alot of the dlc was made before the release witch they could have added to a 50gb blu ray disk instead of using a 25gb blu ray disk but to not to go against microsoft policy they would have had to make the 360 version on like 5 or 6 dvds in order to fill up a 50gb blu ray disk. It was a good game but it was diffenatly lacking the extra things they left off the disk made it seem like a pretty empty open world game with nothing much to do inbetween missions.

juanvan2522d ago

This whole time released dlc is splitting the gaming world more then n4g ;-)

egidem2522d ago

Agreed. N4G is just full of stealth disagrees. I understand that people will disagree with others' opinions, but sometimes it gets too far.

Someone will post up a factual statement like "As of September 2011, you can purchase a brand new PlayStation 3 system for under $299 in North America." and you will get disagrees.

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