Witcher 2 on 360 to have an extra four minutes worth of CGI cutscenes

VG247 writes: CD Projekt announced during its livestream conference earlier that an extra four minutes worth of CGI cutscenes are being added to the Witcher 2 story in the Xbox 360 version.

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Orpheus2308d ago

Fouuuuur Minuuuuutes ZOMG !!!!!

jriquelme_paraguay2307d ago


Micro_Sony2307d ago

That spot is reserved for Skyrim.

y0haN2308d ago

Agreed. Gears 3 has CGI cutscenes, which is bizarre because there are plenty of scenes which look nicer that are rendered in-game.

RedDead2307d ago

Nah...I ain't gonna believe ya that they look better in game. They did pre rendered scenes because the engine or 360 couldn't handle what they did in the CG(I would say the Engine)

LightofDarkness2307d ago

They certainly have nicer settings on for those scenes, but the video is compressed so heavily that it does actually look worse, IMO

RyuCloudStrife2307d ago

I'm gonna have to get this on the 360 now

mistajeff2307d ago

they also said that they're patching the CGI into the PC version when the 360 version launches

Shadowaste2307d ago

the bad thing is this game is going to be so very low res on console, I'd imagine 1024x600 like call of duty, or worse they may have to pull an alan wake and make it 960x544 for real.

The game is amazing though but honestly, they should just wait till the new xbox launches in 2012, hopefully that would be able to handle the withcer 2 in 1080p with 4x anti aliasing!

Pandamobile2307d ago

Uhh, the new Xbox isn't launching next year. That's the Wii U.

Second, what makes you think that they would remake the Witcher 2 AGAIN?

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The story is too old to be commented.