The Witcher 2 – 10 minutes of Xbox 360 footage

CD Projekt shows off over 10 minutes of The Witcher 2 footage.

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BattleTorn2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

the poor qaulity of this video makes the Xbox360 demonstration mute.
I will be looking on youtube for HD.

Click for 20mins of Off-screen (better) video

Raider692489d ago

wow i was not expecting this smooth gameplay frankly.Great job CDP!I havent seen any screen tearing and the framerate seems to be smooth stable during the battle with that ugly spider,even with the slowdown effect to change weapons and magic the game appears smooth between transitions im impressed.

ninjahunter2488d ago

Not really a good demonstartion but enough to see what they changed, like they said, pretty much equivilant to pc version on medium.