Here's the first Dragon Quest X Trailer

The footage shows off some of the very pretty CGI work Square Enix's Visual Works studio has done for the title as well as the in-game Wii graphics featuring a party of players meant to represent the average online group who'll play together running around in real-time.

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Dart892278d ago

Looking forward to it.

Sidology2278d ago

So yeah. This game actually looks pretty awesome.

AP2278d ago

Dooo really wish this was for PS3, PC or 360.

Karuto2278d ago

Highly agreed, if not on any platform with more graphical oomph.

colonel1792278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Well, it will be on the Wii U, so it should look like a PS3/360 game if not better (that's assuming they just not port it just as an "HD release")

AWBrawler2278d ago

when has DQ ever been about graphics. I hat the amount of graphic whores this gen gave birth to

Karuto2275d ago

Oh, I still play the games from the 90's, preferring 2D over 3D any day. Nowadays, though, a game needs to evolve. I will concede about it being on the Wii U, however.

josephayal2278d ago

Cant wait for the VITA version in 1080p

eagle212278d ago

The only 1080p version will be Wii U.

TheDivine2278d ago

1080p??? Vita????

Does not compute.

Kharhaz2278d ago

No gameplay, no comment.

AWBrawler2278d ago

there a re gameplay videos out

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