PSN Preview – The New PlayStation Home (PSLS)

PlayStation Home has come a long way since its open beta first launched in 2008. With the recent announcement of a major overhaul to come, many of you may be wondering just what is in store when the redesign launches. PSLS recently sat down with PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser and his team to preview just a small sampling of the new experience, and we’ve got our impressions right here.

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dbjj120882432d ago

Looks cool. I wasn't really into Home but I might try it out now that it's getting a major facelift.

T3mpr1x2432d ago

Bootleggers '29, the FPS, really surprised me. It will hopefully bring in a lot of new gamers.

buddymagoo2432d ago

I enjoyed Home at the very beginning but haven't been in a long time, will have to check this out.

stormeagle62432d ago

Did anyone ever use Home to begin with?

RavageX2432d ago

Maybe if you checked, you'd realize that place is always busy.

SonyStyled2431d ago

yea i do hop on a few times every month or so. see whats new, gather up some rewards, play games in gamespaces. last month i got addicted to the carnival. its been in home for 2 years or so but never spent the time playing the games and things thats there. didnt know it would be so addicting once you spend a few dollars.

LostTokens2431d ago

I never did spend much time with Home... maybe I should take another look.

Oaklnd2430d ago

i kinda used Home, but maybe ill check it out more