Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Code 'Doesn't Mean Anything' - Valve

NowGamer: Valve dev pours water on recent Half-Life rumours.

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ATi_Elite2522d ago

Yeh cause ep3 will be on the Source Engine 2.0!!

WhiteLightning2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

BS Valve....sorry but it is

They done this with Alein Swarm aswell and I'm sure their was one or two pictures in the Portal 2 arg that related to the Borealis

Valve aren't stupid, they put them their on purpose so they don't actually have to comment on the game but at the same time reassure us it is happening.

latinalover2522d ago

Maybe ep3 means something else

fastrez2522d ago

I reckon it was real and they're just backpedalling to create mystery around it.

skyward2522d ago

He's right - there must be code in earlier games that saying 'Ep2/portal_gun' or whatever that didn't actually make it into the game