Rock of Ages review: Carry on my wayward stone

Rolling an object around has been a video game staple for decades. Marble Madness in the arcade and on the NES is a prime example; Sonic the Hedgehog’s signature ball form is another, as are the lovable sphere-imprisoned primates in the Super Monkey Ball series. Rock of Ages is the latest title to make use of this time-honored design concept. It may feel familiar at first, but the addition of real-time strategy elements and versus-style gameplay creates depth while a unique sense of humor adds character.

You can’t help feeling bad for Sisyphus. Going by the myth, he was kind of a jerk. But a sentence to roll a rock up a hill for all eternity isn’t exactly proportional, either. This makes it easy to side with him when he attempts to escape his fate by sidesteping the boulder. Here begins his quest to smash his way through history — and you’re going to help.

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