Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Be Shorter Than Its Predecessor

Even though XIII-2 will lack the fancy CG cut-scenes most Final Fantasy games are known for, it will include numerous mini games, bigger environments and improved gameplay. So far it seems XIII-2 will offer everything the first game didn't, minus one other thing; longer playtime.

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fr0sty2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

When you try to cram an epic RPG onto one DVD, you gotta make some cuts somewhere.

Brawler2372d ago

I really don't think it will be epic. No CGI cutscenes and short rpg will probably lame FF is all about the CGI When playing 13 its all i looked forward too.

theonlylolking2372d ago

FF13 is a really good game. Yes, it needed more free roaming but it is not horrible like most FF fans say.

rdgneoz32372d ago

And those cuts will be sold to the customer later on as DLC...

Tanir2372d ago

cgi cutscene dlc? stfu u troll

rdgneoz32371d ago

@Tanir With the first game, they said they cut enough to make another game. The 2nd is shorter than the first (which is what the article says if you didn't read it and instead felt like commenting without learning anything ahead of time) and they already announced that the game will have DLC.

If they cut stuff like they did with the first game and seeing as they said it will have DLC, it wouldn't be unlikely if they used what they cut as DLC.

gaffyh2372d ago

I actually thought FF13 was pretty short, apart from the last disc where you HAVE to grind in order to do well, meaning loads of hours get added.

Keith Olbermann2372d ago

This is starting to sound more and more like a money grab....

iamtehpwn2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I think it's shorter because everything has multiple outcomes and multiple endings, this is one of the reasons most Western RPG's aren't as long as JRPG's.

badz1492371d ago

of course it will! 3 vs 1 DVD, kinda obvious imo! and for those saying that it's on 1 DVD because they cut out CGI cutscenes, are you trying to say that the 1st game has only 1 DVD worth of game data and the other 2 DVDs are cutscenes? I don't think so!

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fluffydelusions2372d ago

I kind of expected that being SE has to pay MS for each additional DVD it uses. Just give me versus.

Otheros002372d ago

Everyone has to pay fees for each disk unless it's publish by M$.

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