IGN - Supremacy MMA Review

IGN - On paper, I'm the target audience for Supremacy MMA. I found the controls of UFC Undisputed 2011 too complicated and cumbersome, so Supremacy MMA's simplified arcade feel should suit me perfectly. I want to bloody faces and break limbs, so the brutality of Supremacy MMA should satisfy. But in practice, Supremacy MMA bores me. From its stiff animations to its slow movements to its shallow stories, Supremacy MMA never finds itself fit for the main event.

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LOGICWINS2489d ago

Does this surprise anyone? As an MMA fan, I knew this was going to be garbage from the get go.

Zechs342489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Even as a non MMA fan, I too, knew it would be garbage. Never thought I would see the day when even the MMA sports genre was over saturated :/