New study finds games altering perceptions of reality

After several hours of intense FPS battles in my own home, I have often caught myself to respond quickly and virtually aiming with the right stick when I see a movement in the window behind the TV, from the apartment building on the other side of the road . I have also sent off some armies with bright status bars hovering over him when I'm going to sleep at night. Maybe I'm receptive to GTP?

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jacksonmichael2401d ago

Altering perceptions of reality? Like Donnie Darko?

ATi_Elite2400d ago

Well at first the video reminded me of every day at my job. First shift scrambling for the door at quiting time before Second shift can stop and ask First shift a bunch of questions.

As far as the "Alternate perceptions of reality B.S."........When serial killers start talking about their K/D ratio and why do police officers camp so much then you might have something but until then I'll keep my thoughts of "Surviving The Zone" to a minimum every time I go to a really bad neighborhood!!

....and yes i keep summer sausage, bread, Vodka and a few cans of tuna in my trunk next to my VSS Vintorez...hell you never know!

Septic2400d ago

After playing a long session of Modern Warfare 2 once, I went to my car to go out with mates and I saw a plane in the sky. I immediately ducked down thinking it was an enemy AC-130!

Yes- I need help.

Outside_ofthe_Box2401d ago

This is BS.

Seeing health bars above people's heads? C'mon man...

...on to the next BS story...

ChickeyCantor2401d ago

How is that any different than me being bored waiting for a train and imagining a dragon fly in and destroy the place up?

I might be 23, I still like to imagine alternate worlds. Cause a long train wait is killing me.

Quagmire2400d ago

Sometimes when I see gas tanks, my fingers twitch as I imagine shooting them and watching them blow up.

ChrisW2401d ago

I swear I find myself unconsciencely throwing birds at green pigs...

cogniveritas2401d ago

I wouldn't go for a literal sense. But I'm sure it can lead people to over estimate their survival instinct and possibly under estimate the threat that certain situations or people could pose to them.

Tanir2401d ago

yeah this makes no sense, it means 2 things, people must being playing only COD or halo for ever and ever, only way that is even 1% possible. cuz a real gamer players multiple games and will see many huds.

2nd, these people are just day dreaming, basically all

DeadIIIRed2400d ago

You've never done anything remotely similar to this?

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Cajun Chicken2401d ago

The only thing I ever had like this was the shield charging sound in Halo Combat Evolved, heard it all the time, probably played it all too much. The 'Vooooooiiiippp...beepabee pabeep a beep!".

ryhanon2401d ago

I've never had that happen with a video game, but there are times where I could swear I heard my cell phone chime indicating a received text message or e-mail even when I hadn't received anything. So I can definitely believe that much.

As for seeing health bars and/or game menus as this "study" indicates... I'm thinking not unless the subjects of the study were schizophrenic.

DaTruth2401d ago

I had to check my cell phone all the time because I swear I feel it buzzing!

DarkBlood2401d ago

well i wont deny that its not possible imagination can from your subcons can play tricks on you if your not carefull

I once thought i heard something familiar from a game but as soon as heard it my head just shook left and right fast to wake up lol

but by that description it sounds like some people with not so trained minds can be affected easily

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