Gears of War 3 Amazing Lighting Showcase footage

GB : Check out some amazing lighting display from Gears of War 3. As you know the game takes place during the day mostly and is completely different when it comes to settings than Gears of War 1 and 2. Epic has improved the Unreal Engine 3 a lot and added a lot of features like Global Illumination.

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Mrmagnumman3572518d ago

really nice lighting, but it looks like some other things aren't as good as the videos they showed before release. Still looks very good

ProjectVulcan2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Well.....its just bloom with God rays. Not even HDR. Bloom has been around in games for ages and is low cost compared to genuine HDR.

I'll be honest, i have seen better lighting engines on much older titles, although said games have probably weaker assets elsewhere than this.

Note this doesn't mean I think Gears 3 is poor, its a fantastic looking game overall and what it does with its lighting effects are great- They have never done HDR to spend this processing power elsewhere to better effect than a full HDR setup. HDR is extremely expensive for this generation of consoles.

units2517d ago

master glorious race section is that away

ProjectVulcan2517d ago

You have one bubble. I can't say i am too surprised :-)

iHEARTboobs2518d ago

The lighting, whether it's the best out there or not, is definitely better that the past two GEARS titles.

Kleptic2516d ago

couldn't agree more...My biggest complaints with UE3 have always been with its gimmicky lighting...until now...this is by far the best looking iteration of UE3 to date...

kingdoms2518d ago

You've been on a roll with your trolling today.

Mrmagnumman3572517d ago

i haven't trolled, and all i said was that gears has nice lighting, explain how im trolling ?

SpartanQ82518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

the lighting is the best I've ever seen in game history and thats IMO

Computersaysno2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

You need to play more games.

Crysis four years ago implemented an entirely dynamic lighting system with full HDR. This means everything is calculated on the fly, as it should be. Static lighting, canned lighting? Nope. Proper HDR moving from light to dark areas? Yep. Full SSAO? Yep. Subsurface scattering of all the foliage, skin etc? Yep. No game this console gen even gets close to that sophistication.

Gears looks good for a console game, but the lighting tech behind it is nothing but an old bloom technique and exaggerated god rays. Seen that in games from about 2004 like HL2 and Far cry.

Simple mods to oblivion on PC provide a highly realistic effect that looks far more impressive IMO. These are just by amateur programmers.

SpartanQ82517d ago

thanks for the answer man and your right but i was paying my respect to Gears 3 that's all :)


iistuii2518d ago

No time to look at lighting, I'm too busy trying to avoid getting my head sawn off....

Enmson2518d ago

Why are they showing us this? We can already see and play the game our self