Grand Knights History Confirmed for Western Release

Rising Star Games today announced that it has signed a deal to publish Grand Knights History in PAL territories on PlayStation Portable (PSP). The latest title from renowned developer Vanillaware, the studio responsible for Muramasa: The Demon Blade, features gorgeous hand-drawn graphics, addictive gameplay, customisable character creation and unique online functionality.

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zerocrossing2492d ago

Awesome! been looking forward to this =)

2492d ago
tiffac0082492d ago

Xseed once again you came through for us. We thank you~ :3

Matrix_2492d ago

putting sega and square to shame

Inception2492d ago

yeah, we need more publisher like Xseed
publisher who want's to take a risk rather than pump out FPS year after year!

Godmars2902492d ago

1 - Why is there a pic for Muramasa?

2 - WHy hasn't Muramasa been announced for the PSV?

Ddouble2492d ago

Good news. PSP is still kicking

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