Syndicate's Box-Art Revealed

TechNoid writes: "We just got access to the official box-art of Syndicate, which is the reboot of a seventeen year old series."

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lelo2play2373d ago

Yep, similar looking box-art's.

As for Syndicate, it has a release date of 12th February, and still no gameplay videos. That's not a good sign.

fl1pp132373d ago

That one does not mention any box-art and it doesn't show up on their website

user8586212373d ago

first X-Com now syndicate... when will it end!

Quagmire2372d ago

I will prefer Syndicate over X-Com personally, Starbreeze are known for their quality and uniqye First Person games such as Riddick and Darkness

MrDead2373d ago

They might remake some other Bullfrog games like Theme Park, Populous and Dungeon Keeper, at least they wont be able to turn them into a FPS.