Mass Effect 3: Hands-on uncovers smarter, brutal and fluid combat (CVG)

Tamoor Hussain writes:Shepard was never really good at the shooty stuff, and as a member of an elite group of intergalactic law enforcers with the power to destabilize and potentially destroy entire civilizations, it's always been a bit of a glaring hole in his skill set.

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FrightfulActions2518d ago

With all the tons and tons and tonsss of "Hands-on" articles that really tell nothing new that you probably haven't already seen yourself from one of the few recorded videos of the very demo level these hands-on reviewers are talking about, I'm surprised that I actually liked this one. It was well written and actually told me something I /wasn't/ aware of - that its a Cerberus-run facility. I knew the lab was being attacked by Cerberus, and that they're indoctrination, but I didn't realize the whole place was ran by them. Yay, knew info for me. Good article.