PS Store Resident Evil 4 HD Price Increased

Did you visit the PS Store yesterday and see a very cheap remake of Resident Evil 4 with a 50% discount for £6.00? Yes you did but RE4 has now gotten a price increase from its originally stated price.

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gapecanpie2249d ago

No platinum trophy = no buy and I don't care if it was just 3 dollars...

gaffyh2249d ago

Bought this at £6 because I expected it to be £8. A little disappointed about the lack of a platinum trophy, but you can still get the normal trophies so not a huge issue for me.

gumchewinasskikr2249d ago

So you would buy hana montana just cause it has a platinum? Come on man!

Rob9462249d ago

Who cares? it's Resident Evil 4 you should only buy it to enjoy it again not to go trophy whoring.

-MD-2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Who buys games based on trophies? Nobody looks or cares about your trophies lol. When the PS4 comes around they'll all be wiped out anyways and in the end it'll all be pointless. Not that it already isn't pointless.

WildArmed2249d ago

Game quality >>>> any number of trophies the shitty game can offer.

Knushwood Butt2249d ago

Capcom weren't getting a penny of my cash in the first place either way.

NewZealander2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

i don't care about it having no platinum, i just wont buy it because they put no effort in to the port, no true HD = no buy!

Laypoof2249d ago Show
kreate2249d ago

@haters who hate on trophy whores

why the hate? gapecanpie wants trophies. let him collect trophies whats the big deal? if u dont want trophies. gape is accepting free trophies. give ur trophies to gape.

Getowned2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

heh heh heh i'll buy it at a high price.

(not really i just love the stranger guy,can they make a game about him ? :P )

NiKK_4192249d ago

Mine still says $10 (ps plus)... I guess I should buy as quick as possible then.

jessupj2249d ago

Wish the trophy haters would give it a rest.

Some people like looking back and having the ability to see all they've accomplished, to compare their skill and dedication against other gamers.

Some people just don't care and are quite happy to just mossy on and just play the games.

I love playing games, but I also love being competitive.

P_Bomb2249d ago

I don't get some of the trophy dissin' on here.

So replaying games and squeezing every drop outta your purchases is bad but playing a ton of different games and getting nowhere in most of them is good?

Some people spend all year on COD and prestige 15 times which is more time consuming than getting a platinum on many games. I platinumed Chains of Olympus on my 2 days off. Pretty sure my inner-nerd ratio stayed the same and I didn't sprout a single pimple or stink when I went back to work on monday, lol.

HappyGaming2249d ago

Guess what I have 0 platinum trophies you know why? Because I game to have fun and there is always at list one trophy that is really not worth my time... like looking around for pigeons and feathers in gta and assassins creed :/ The best trophies are the ones you get on your first play though based on your skill and style of playing without having to try.. Like getting a certain number of headshots with your favorite gun :)

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showtimefolks2249d ago

so i am guessing before this gen you never touched a game because it didn't have trophies. Damn you missed some classic games

its 10 bucks too much i will get it when it under 10.

But coming from capcom they have done a very lazy job on this HD remake or whatever you want to call it. Capcom to me has lost the most touch with gamers, don't believe me look at all their extremely talented devs leaving them for western publishers or just forming their own studios.

capcom stands for these:

make sequels
make paid dlc on disk
make different editions of games
launching MVC after 10 years of wait for full 60 YET SO LITTLE ACTUAL CONTENT
and no new Ip's
and also make a dead rising game every year from now on

here is what they should do:

make a real resident evil 6
I like the new look of DMC so good job on that
make dead rising more fun cut the crap with taht 36hrs story, i have had enough. give us a real open world zombie survival game
make a megaman X game
give us GODHAND HD for 9.99 on psn/xblive
and invest some into new IP's

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taylork372249d ago


"so i am guessing before this gen you never touched a game because it didn't have trophies. Damn you missed some classic games "

Come on man...stop thinking like a child. Trophies are pretty addictive and once they were added , it is hard to play without them.

They are a whole other level of immersion and content.

showtimefolks2248d ago

really i wouldn't know i just play games for fun. doing so for 20 plus years. I don't go after the trophies to alter the way i play i am on level 12% trophies wise.

its something extra for hardcore gamers but in no way did i have less fun playing MGS4 a few months ago still without trophies.

now that's just the way i feel about this to each his own i guess

and if a game gets a 9/10 but does not have trophies would you pass on it just because it didn't have trophies

yingYangdragon2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

"All of you can shut the h*ll up ...... I bet most of you brought this game for $50 last gen and now your willing to pay $20 or $10 w/e for the same d*mn game but just in HD and with out the extra modes. If I wanted to play Re4 that bad then I'll just pop in the ps2 version in my 80GB PS3 with BC and play it upscaled. You guys are straight up sheep for buying into Capcom laziness there is no excuse why the game don't have a platinum trophy but most of you don't have the skill to collect trophies anyway but thats no reason to hate."

I 100% agree with you gape....

To MD you are so wrong its not even funny....

Me and my friends, we try to get more trophies then each other or in some games we help each other come up with ways to unlock them and some trophies can be very fun to try and collect on your own and on top of all that it add to the replay value of a game.

But like gape said some people just don't have the skills and they are the one who come up with childish stuff like trophy whore...... trophy whore ~ seriously people? What grown sad lonely man came up with that kid crap?

BoneIdle2250d ago

The Irish store says €14.99 but when you click to buy it it shoots up to €19.99 lol

Not worth 20 quid.

SageHonor2250d ago

Agreed, Oh well i guess ill just get it for my PC or PS2.

Iroquois_Pliskin2249d ago

I'm not paying 20 euros for a game that I bought 2 times (ps2, wii)

Pozzle2245d ago

Yeah, it's $30 on the Australian PS Store too. IDK if I'm willing to shell out $60 for two old RE games,even though I want them both.

koehler832250d ago

Maybe that's why the PSN was brought down :P

TopDudeMan2249d ago

You know, that was my first thought but then I thought: It was down for 4 hours so they could change the price of one game? Nah, that can't be right.

user83971442250d ago

Waiting for the Super Move edition.

Peaceful_Jelly2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

This version does not have Move support? 0 __ 0

LOGICWINS2250d ago

Move support for an RE4 HD edition is as obvious as white on rice. Incredible that Capcom believes that so many people would want to rebuy this with so little added features.

bakagaijin782249d ago

I know, right? No Move support & no plat trophy made this one a pass for me. I mean, it couldn't have been that hard to add Move... the game was previously released on the Wii!

Zechs342249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

I honestly don't see the big deal. Sure Move and trophies should be standard on this obvious cash in, but the game was almost perfect without added chapters or motion controls or trophies that I personally had no problems shelling out the $10 for it (PS+)

gumchewinasskikr2249d ago

Really people. I am a plus member. I bought this game for $9.99, got RE 1, 2 and 3 plus 10 avatars for free! how is that NOT a good deal?

bakagaijin782249d ago

@Zechs34: The thing is that many people already have another version of the game, so why would someone shell out more money (even if is relatively cheap) for the same game they already have just to get a sub-par visual make-over?

I still have my GC version & until Capcom gives me a good reason to buy the updated version (ie, more game modes, motion control support, etc.) they will not get more of my money.

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Kewl_Kat2250d ago

I wouldn't even have bought it even with the ps plus discount. With the discount, it comes down to $10 (before the sudden price increase), and I've seen smaller psn games that have more trophies than this game. I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom releases a disc version that includes a full set of trophies, move support, and all (or maybe just some) of the ps2 game modes that they left out. Maybe they'd call it "super resident evil 4 hd". I seriously believe Capcom's a much worse company than Activision. At least Activision doesn't release an "ultimate" black ops version and selling it for full price just 'cause they added extra maps with it. With Capcom, if you want the extra characters, you have to pay for a whole game again.

Jensen2249d ago

so true... i took advantage of the free re i beat them all already but hey free games.... but hella disappointing not able to add a plat..... atleast ad like 20+ trophies.... i already own the game and beat it to hell and back... lol.... -___-... damn you capcom!