Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition Box Art Revealed

Rockstar Games has revealed the official PAL box art design for the forthcoming Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition. Set to launch next month, the Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition includes the Undead Nightmare pack, all of the currently available multiplayer expansions and of course, the core Red Dead Redemption game as well.

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Enmson2436d ago

I have the game and its awesome you should all buy it :D

and when this game release they should make the dlc free or at least make it cheeper

raiden-492436d ago

they should but wont that's very annoying for people like me who bought the game in the first place.

Enmson2436d ago

I too have the game but not any of the dlc yet

Perjoss2436d ago

good news, all we need now is a PC version :)

Enmson2436d ago

I dont think thos game will be good on pc not graphics but i mean the controls like when riding a horse you have to tap the X\A botton let it go faster i dont know how can it work on the key board its going to be hard.

Perjoss2436d ago

Most PC gamers have some kind of gamepad so its fine.

MasterD9192436d ago

I bought Undead Nightmare & its pretty fun but I don't get why they took away weapons you've already earned in the campaign.

I recently got back into playing the multilayer not too long ago and they have their own version of horde mode with zombies which was interesting.

theonlylolking2436d ago

I hate that box art but the box art does nto determine how good the game is.

Buuhan12436d ago

Having two regular RDR story characters with a zombie next to them just makes it clash. They shouldn't have put Undead Nightmare artwork on the cover.

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The story is too old to be commented.