Should Video Games Be More Emotional?

Ian Fisher wrties: In some ways video games tend to make players emotional whether it’s through being pissed off at a particular stage or even amazed at an action sequence that happened – two things I’m perfectly fine with. But why haven’t video games and those behind them try to transcend the traditional experience slightly by offering something that may cause us to break down and start crying or actually care when a character is killed?

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zerocrossing2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

I think there are many games that are "emotinal" for example Odins Sphere, Fatal Frame(Project Zero), Silent Hill, Lost Odyssey, Ico (I know there are many more so feel free to fill in the gaps) The problem is many of the games that Im referring to are "niche" so there's a lot of people that probably have never played them before.

I think a better question would be "Should More Video Games Be Emotional?" and to that I would say yes.

ATi_Elite2518d ago

I like when they make me cry!! Although this has never happened but the ending to Hl2 ep2 came the closest.

Getowned2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Half Life 2 + episodes is to this day a masterpiece and still my favourit game ever.NOW WERE IS HALF LIFE 3 GOD DAMN IT!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ONE VAVLE!!! DON'T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE!!! *RAGE!!!*

ReservoirDog3162517d ago

I would enjoy it if more games had more emotional stories but it's kinda coming true. From RDR to LA Noire, HL2 ep2 to The Darkness and even as recently as inFamous 2 and Resistance 3; all those games made you bond with characters only to leave you with a gaping wound when they're taken away from you.

It feels like more and more games are focusing on giving you better characters and higher quality stories.

tiffac0082518d ago

I think its not that easy to make an emotional game. Some games actually try too hard and fail miserably and some creators don't want to sacrifice too much game play for a good story not everyone can do a great balancing act.

But that said I think the author needs to play more RPGs. lol!

Valkyria Chronicles, Lost Odyssey, FFVII: Crisis Core are just some of the emotional RPG games this generation.

ReservoirDog3162517d ago

Oh I forgot about VC! Man, when that character died, it was so hard to believe it was happening.

achmetha2517d ago

Only a handful of games have made me tear up, but theyre top tier in terms of quality.

I think hollywood could take a tip or two..

ReservoirDog3162517d ago

Well, Hollywood has a bit of a better grasp on making you sad or cry.

From Up to Pan's Labyrinth, Schindler's List, Million Dollar Baby, as far back as The Champ, The Wrestler, Mary and Max, The Pursuit of Happyness is unrelenting, The Passion of the Christ and the list just goes on.

People give Hollywood such a hard time and yet the only movies they see are the same Transformers/superhero/stupid comedy routines that are blasted by critics. Open your eyes, watch better movies and you'll see, though the list is growing, movies are farrrr more emotional than 90% of games.

3GenGames2517d ago

RPG's, hell yes. Others, it can't really hurt. Those are the best parts of games...

GTRrocker2517d ago

Heavy Rain impacted me severely. All of my characters died except for the killer. It was the most depressing ending ever...

adamant7152517d ago

Completely agree with you.

LOGICWINS2517d ago

Thx for ruining the ending guy :/

_Aarix_2517d ago

Theres multiple endings dude...anyone can live or die.

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