Power Rangers Online Announced As a Side-Scrolling Action MMORPG

Ntreev Soft announced the development of an upcoming action MMORPG based on the Power Rangers franchise.

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TopDudeMan2274d ago

This game sounds like it has the potential to either be really good and fresh or just really bad.

I will reserve judgement as always.

Abriael2274d ago

Same here, even if the series were really, really ridiculous.

KonaBro2274d ago

An actual version of the Maple Story Rangers! Haha.

SkidRowTrash2274d ago

Weird.. a side scrolling MMORPG..?? This I have got to see..

But here is something weird... Power Rangers? Is that even still a thing? Has it been a thing at all in the past 15 years even?

Reborn2274d ago

I think they got a new series out. Not sure though. But I'd assume kids still watch it.

Abriael2274d ago

In korea it's definitely still a thing, they launched the series ion 2006 there, and they love it.

rfowler302274d ago

i thought id seen everything but this by far takes the cake.

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