Games for Windows Live Fraud Victim Told He Can't Be Helped Because He Doesn't Own an Xbox

GamePro: The PSN debacle earlier this year got more than a few people worried about storing their credit card information online and how easy it would be for hackers to break in and spend all their money. As blogger and motion picture restoration artist Greg Knight discovered, however, it's not just Sony's systems that are open to such abuse.

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NYC_Gamer2558d ago

People should stay away from that crappy service I'll expect many origin complaints

Godmars2902558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

But that the thing: MS is making so that XBL will be on your computer weather you want it or not.

Kind of odd that there are no reports of this happening with PSN, given that the issue is general password hacking/compromising.

gamingdroid2558d ago

Kind how of Mozilla FireFox was supposedly more secure than IE, until it got popular....

Dlacy13g2558d ago

As for this soon as I saw the $125 points charge business I already knew the solution was going to be an issue via his bank and not XBL. As much as that sucks...this is a bank issue. Its like if you credit card number was stolen and used to charge things around the world. You are not going to be calling each store that your card was charged are going to be calling your credit card company.

This really is less an issue about XBL and just more an issue of online account fraud and what happens to you.

miDnIghtEr2558d ago

Hahahaha.. Completely agree with you. The SDF is really reaching to have something to complain about with Xbox Live. PSN has shutdown twice this year, and Sony fanboys are looking everywhere for something to talk bad about on Live.

Jobesy2558d ago

Psn is FREE, and shut down once, twice for some, not everybody. XBL shut is PAID and has already shut down once a couple weeks back. So there you have it troll...

Jobesy2558d ago

Psn is FREE, and shut down once, twice for some, not everybody. XBL is PAID and has already shut down once a couple weeks back. So there you have it troll...

TyrionL2558d ago

@ Jobesy
UMMM, when were all these times every couple weeks you're talking about? I can't remember any time I’ve ever had my Live service down when I got on. I think you are talking strait out of your ass. I’m not saying it’s never been down, but I have never 1 time since I’ve had a 360 went to get online and not been able to, ever let alone every couple weeks. I’m sorry if facts hurt you feeling but it’s no reason to just make sh!t up and call people trolls, when in fact YOU were the one trolling my friend. Get your sh1t strait man, you look like a fool with this type of mentality.

BattleAxe2557d ago

If the PSN is down, then I just login to Steam :D

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Letros2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

My GFWL account was compromised and a charge of $75 MS points occured, I called MS and explained the situation and they refunded me the points after investigating the origin of purchase (it was china). I suppose this depends on the person you are speaking with at Xbox support.

DeFFeR2558d ago

Huh? You're not exactly clear in your post...
Were points used from your gamertag? Then yes, MS would be the company to talk to...

If money was taken right from your bank account, it's really not anything MS should handle - it's a bank issue.

I'm just confused because you say that they refunded you POINTS and not money. In which case, your situation is not like the guy in the article.

Letros2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I mean they refunded me the money. So yea pretty much the exact situation I was in, the bank told me that I would have to cancel my credit card and apply for card compromise, lucky MS handled it before I had to do this.

Blaze9292558d ago

Yeah sadly most of Xbox support is outsourced to 3rd world countries who really don't know HOW to support you. Calling xbox support is a complete drag

Cogan12558d ago

Xbox support for europe is in dublin ireland, i should no, i work there.....unfortunately.

DeFFeR2558d ago

It was always my understanding that you go to the bank first for fraudulent activity on your bank account...

Not that MS shouldn't look into it, but it's not their fault his personal account was breached - whether it be multiple sites with the same password, or just lazy password creation.

I also like how they compare the hundreds of people whose information was stolen in the PSN hacking, to just this one example of someone who had info stolen - not even via hacking.

They've told you since the internet took off - change your password every 6 months (I'm around once per year) and don't use passwords on more than one site... just in case.

Reborn2558d ago

If I saw something odd on my card, I'd call my bank first. Then I'd call the place where it was made. Simply cause chances are my bank would be able to do more, and possibly prevent any further issues.

Still sucks that it happened.