Loophole in Sony's Terms of Service: Sue them all you want

Good news – some people that actually speak the grim and mysterious language of contracts have cracked the terms of service and found a way to opt out of the waiver. It states: “If you do not wish to be bound by the binding arbitration and class action waiver in section 15, you must notify SNEI in writing within 30 days of the date that you accept the agreement.”

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tiffac0082368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

I believe some posters have already mentioned this in the previous (hotly debated) article that the new Sony ToS does not prevent you from suing Sony and it is yet to be proven if the new ToS will hold up in court if there is ever a time it will be put into question.

scotchmouth2368d ago

We have better chances of getting struck by lightning then someone here or in general having the finances to battle Sony in court.

The discussion is irrelevant. The legal battle would be too costly

rdgneoz32368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

It probably will hold in court, as the supreme court voted in favor 5 to 4 of a similar thing that's in place for AT&T contracts - no class action lawsuit clause for contracts.

*Couldn't find the exact one, but this sums it - /

Edit: Hell, search Sony TOS AT&T if you want a list of articles :P

Cardenjs2368d ago

You can sue them, if you are directly hurt. But too many people became part of the Class-action lawsuit after the PSN Hack.

Class action lawsuits hurt businesses, especially when no one really lost anything.

ProGrasTiNation2367d ago

People lost something very important,their info.
Sony stored peoples info in an insecure manner & thus it was spread to all the wrong people when they were hacked.

Cardenjs2367d ago


The info that people "Lost" is less than the info that Facebook profits from by selling to third parties without your knowledge.

smashcrashbash2367d ago

Exactly. You can sue them individually but no class action law suits against them. I never understand why people are always so against businesses protecting themselves with these rules. There are millions of parasites out there who will do anything to suck these companies dry no matter if their claims are legit or not. Don't fool yourself into thinking even half these people who sue companies are innocent as everyone tries to paint them as.

Jim Hawking2367d ago

You can never ever EVER sign away your right to sue. The question is if you'll win. The ToS make that unlikely.

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ForROME2368d ago

Doors open, go get em if you need to otherwise get online and play some games!

fr0sty2368d ago

This isn't a "loophole", Sony intentionally put that in there and they didn't have to either. They know that few people will bother, and their risks will be reduced anyway. by putting that in there, it gives those who would want to raise the most fuss about it little reason to complain, and they still have millions who won't even bother sending it in.

Ddouble2368d ago

Lol so Sony themselves saying that if you want to opt out you can send them a letter is considered a loophole??

Stupid article

kneon2368d ago

What did you expect from an author that thinks this simple and clear statement contains "grim and mysterious language".

The TOS are written in pretty clear language for the most part, you don't need to be a lawyer to understand it, just functionally literate.

Noami2368d ago

you want out = they cease your psn online services and wont be allowed to use it. is not a loophole they give u a chance to cancel the agreement by 30days like any contract.

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