Missing Link DLC Adds Five More Hours of Game Play

You have to hand it to Deus Ex-Human Revolution in providing real value for its fan base. Other game titles that release “new content” in the form of DLCs really just contain skimpy downloadable content or just warmed over maps from a previous installation. Sure it only sets you back $3.99 but it just really has a very thin content. The vast majority of them are not worth your money, whatever the amount they charge.

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Zechs342559d ago

This should have Deus Ex in the title... Really.

Quagmire2559d ago

Makes me wonder if I should just wait for the GOTY edition....

Keith Olbermann2559d ago

You can say that with any game now...

soundslike2559d ago

Misleading info? This obviously wont be 3.99 but in the next paragraph he says "a few bucks"

granted $15 can be considered "a few bucks" but in the context it sounds like you are saying its much cheaper