Battlefield 3 platform comparison: PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs PC

BeefJack: "We’ve spent some time with the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of BATTLEFIELD 3, and taken some notes of our experiences. Here’s our platform comparison of the currently playable build..."

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fluffydelusions2522d ago

I'll sum up the article PC>PS3>360

Zechs342522d ago

Hasnt it been this way for a while? Lol. Still, that 360 footage did look good.

Caleb_1412522d ago

I'm still amazed by how good the console versions look - if it wasn't for the 64 player count on PC I could quite happily get it on console :) No joke.

floetry1012522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

The 64 player count is the difference for me. Battlefield was conceived for the PC, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, the graphics won't matter to me when I hit the online arena. Just give me the colossal battles I've been dying for since Battlefield 2.

Substance1012522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )


Its more like:

PC>>>>>>&am p;am p;gt ;>>>>>>>& amp; amp;g t;>>>>>>> & gt;>>>>>>&am p;gt ;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>&a mp;a mp;gt ;>PS3 = Xbox 360

No need to delude yourself, even if there are differences between PS3 and xbox 360 they are piddly at best.

I thought console gamers didnt care about graphics, so why make a flame bait post?

lociefer2522d ago

ill prob get it for ps3 , but the 64 player count is really somethng, looks like my ati 5770 will be fried runnig bf3

Substance1012522d ago


5770 is a great GPU, it never was highend even when it was launched. However its still an excellent Mid range GPU.

It will probably end up playing BF3 on high settings at 1080p with low AA. Which probably will be leagues ahead of whatever the PS3 will be doing. The choice is yours, however i would hands down buy PC version if i had a 5770. Also remember the PS3 version will remain stagnant, however few years later if you do decide to upgrade your PC, your game gets an auto upgrade too ;-)

Biggest2522d ago

Wow, dude. You must really, really like the PS3. I can tell because you have to add it to all your comments. Did you marry one and now it nags you to play with it all the time?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32521d ago

Why would 360 gamers care about this game? Matter of fact, why console gamers care about this game, lol, it's targeting the pc crowd...

HellzAssassin2521d ago


I agree, the 64 player count is the dealbreaker for me. I've got BF3 pre-ordered for PC right now; but I'll get it for PS3 later on when the price drops. But it still looks damn good on consoles.

badz1492521d ago

BF3 is PC exclusive? NO! CoDs on PC are also looking way better than consoles too but you know what, it's a console-focused game! in fact, all multiplats looks better on PC but does that mean console gamers can't be excited about them too? get off the jerk horse for a minute and be happy that more people get to play BF3!

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hard joe2521d ago

even though the graphics pc>ps3>xbox360
i predict the sales will be xbox360>ps3>pc

Kevin ButIer2521d ago

The hard part for me is the 24 player restriction for consoles, if you make a fair comparison this game looks amazing even on the 360.

jetlian2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

look better than ps3 mark my words

nothing in this article has one once of proof

MaxXAttaxX2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Wow, I guess what I posted is a lie along with the information provided by DICE themselves. There's just no way it could look good. /s

ApplEaglElephant2521d ago

Those are legit information that Dice said.

but i guess fanboys dont like them.

kikizoo2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Jetlian, like othe delusional fanboy are awlways dreaming of multiplatform "looking better on 360" even when guys who have seen the games told us the opposite (lol)

denial guys (like jazz, and other fanboyz) : most of the multiplatform don't "look better", it's exactly the same game most of the time (and score/review tell you that), and it's sad, because the ps3 versions should be always better (like bbc3 apparently)

BY the way "402" is a new multiaccount of ati, or qwerty, or another pc dreamer, so...

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Dart892522d ago

Can't we just say they all look good on their platforms instead of making a flame war??

cpayne932522d ago

Judging by those disagrees, no, no we cannot.

Gamer19822521d ago

I seriously doubt anybody really buys because it looks better on one console than another anyway. I buy PS3 games over 360 purely because my friends are on ps3 doesn't matter if a 360 version may look better or is even cheaper in some cases. At the end of the day we don't choose our multi-platform games based on graphics we base on other factors such as favorite console and friends. So comparing graphics articles is silly as for comparing with PC well... Whats the point?

hadriker2522d ago

I don't understand how this is flame bait. he really did just sum up the article.

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DaTruth2521d ago

I don't understand, how is this trolling; he really did just sum up why they are calling it flame-bait!

Legion2521d ago


Simply put when he started out his reply with "360 crowd is butt hurt" it drops him into the trolling realm and nothing after that statement matters.

sourav932522d ago

In the end, it looks great on all platforms.

eon02522d ago

Your rational statement has no place within these comments, good sir!

sourav932522d ago

So the disagrees mean it "doesn't" look good on all platforms?

Getowned2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

It dose look really good on all platforms Dice is doing a wonderful job.

Bakkies2521d ago

Haha, love how people disagree with you. Bunch of idiots trolling the disagree button.

ProperFunked2521d ago

seriously though right. at least on console the gameplay is consistent. with PC (which im on) we're constantly configuring and re configuring our settings to find something that looks REALLY pretty without losing too many playable frames. console just pops in the disc and plays without this concern cuz you can't make these adjusments. when it comes to this i envy console gamers. (also have PS3, but i bought a 6970 for this game, still dont feel satisfied, yes, which IS my fault)

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frostypants2522d ago

Correction: GOOD PC>PS3>360. A crappy PC will still look crappy.

Pandamobile2522d ago

A crappy PC will look like consoles.

kramun2522d ago

It doesn't cost a lot for a half decent pc that could play the game and look better than consoles frosty. And believe it or not, a lot of people do have them.

Soldierone2522d ago

A lot of people HERE have them, but HERE (N4G and gaming website communities) are not EVERYONE. We will have to wait for sales numbers for any factual evidence to prove that statement.

As for now, there is a clear and logical reason its going to consoles.

Computersaysno2521d ago

Minimum spec of this on PC is a machine spec that craps all over the consoles lol

A core 2 duo and 8800GT is four year old and minimum, and that poops from a great height over everything in either console.

This being the 'crappy' PC that you need to run this. That being the case, then ANY machine that meets min spec of it will beat the living daylights out of 360 and PS3.

Accept this fact.

DaTruth2521d ago

My Dell PC's are 8 years old with integrated graphics and the Pentium has no numbers!!

How do you think it will run???

Legion2521d ago

I have 4 PCs only one will play this game with any real quality over the consoles. And I only use that machine for graphics design, game design and animation tooling so it doesn't get commercial games installed on it. Looks like I will be getting this game for my console of choice. (Actually my console of choice is The Sega Saturn... so I will get this game for my console of second choice?)

kikizoo2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

"It’s the lead platform, and the processing power of high-end PCs is quite remarkable these days. (Bear in mind that the game was running on top-spec machines with the latest nVidia video tech.)"

a high end pc !! and because it's the leadplatform...(but even with that advantage, some people don't see the differences apparently : last week article, so it's remain the same game on console)

"pc is over an ENTIRE generation ahead of ps3 and 360 thats like 35x the power of consoles avaialble on a single gpu high end pc "

LOL (don't forget the 45 pentium 4 in the cell), but most of all, before you 'll can see 20% (not 35X) better graphics, you have to wait 3,4 years after you buy your good graphic card...(i am buying joystick/pc each months, and most of the game are not as beautifull as most of the console ones, even with 1080)

Denethor_II2521d ago

I just spend £1000 on PC parts so I hope it plays okay.

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4022522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )


pc is over an ENTIRE generation ahead of ps3 and 360 thats like 35x the power of consoles avaialble on a single gpu high end pc

both consoles are very similar in power with the ps3 being slightly more powerful overall take a look at gears 3,forza 4, RAGE and crysis 2 on 360 would you ? the gap is minimal not nearly as much as the gap between xbox1 and ps2

dice themselves have said both console version will look the same this was also the case with bad company 2 so why doubt them.

the ps3 version will only be better because it comes with an extra game and on 1 disk and you also get access to the dlc a week earlier but in the graphics department they'll be roughly equal.

the pc version of battlefield 3 will make both console versions look like ps2 games but quite a lot of pc games already visually humiliate even the best looking console games in such a manner.

Parapraxis2522d ago

no guys it's really
PC =-><<></?>36 0<[email protected]+###<PS3


Unaffected2521d ago

no videos or screesn = no evidence

hard joe2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

moved to above

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electricshadow2522d ago

You gotta give props to DICE for them working with 5-6 year old hardware and making it look as good as it does. Everyone knows DICE is going to look better on the PC, but the game looks really good on the PS3/360. Regardless of the platform you're getting on, this game is going to be great.

andibandit2521d ago

As a former PC gamer, now console gamer, i just wish the rest of the console gaming community could try the game with 64players, just for a week. It really makes alot of difference.

SuperStrokey11232522d ago

It would be nice if they actually posted some pictures with this comparison.

Brownghost2521d ago

exactly it would have been more believable

JellyJelly2521d ago

I'll wait for Digital Foundry to do an in-depth comparison (of the retail version). They are the only ones around who do them properly.

Optical_Matrix2522d ago

Sounds like it's the PS3 version for me. I have it on pre-order on 360 because that's what my mates are playing it on, but seeing as I can't get the PC version I want the best possible console version and it seems as though the PS3 will offer that.

InNomeDiDio2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

It's easy in this case, the better the hardware so the better the graphics.


Soldierone2522d ago

Most 360 users will jump on the MW3 bandwagon as soon as possible anyways. They might come back, but at least for a short while it WILL happen.

And yes I said MOST, not ALL, so don't get all mad If your a 360 gamer and I said that lol

Evetssteve2521d ago Show
DigitalRaptor2521d ago

Yeah Evetssteve, that makes total sense


DiRtY2521d ago

Best selling PS3 games:

No. 1 - Call of Duty Black Ops
No. 2 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
No. 3 - Call of Duty World at War

Yes, Xbox 360 owners and their CoD ...

monkeymagik2522d ago

They probably are not allowed to show you pics to say one is worse etc.

But i can concur.

PS3 is being used as Two gpu's by using the SPU'S.

I'm actually getting the game on PC, but i might buy it on PS3 as well,lol.

The game looks awesome regardless.

sourav932522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Just a small thing; the ps3 version isn't being used as 2 gpus. The SPUs do not carrying out graphics/video processing...however, they do take the load off of the cpu and gpu by carrying out other calculations such as physics, ray tracing, etc. Not trying to be OTT or anything, just though you should know the correct functions. Cheers.

Dark_king2522d ago

@sourav93 Guess you don't know the original PS3 design used two cells and no gpu.So yes the cell can do graphic/video processing.However it was to expensive and they went with the current GPU.They were talking a 200$ loss already two cells would of been a good bit more.

Ju2522d ago

You are mistaken.

SPU-Based Deferred Shading in BATTLEFIELD 3 for Playstation 3

Ju2522d ago

Lol @ the disagrees. Ha ha ha. This is a paper published by Dice. But obviously they don't know what they are doing...

Dark_king2522d ago

@Ju,since when has a developer known how the game they made works.Must be the same four that disagreed with me for my comment.

sourav932521d ago

Fine. Guess I missed that article about SPU-based DS. I stand corrected. Btw I didn't disagree to anyone's comment. Peace

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Mrmagnumman3572522d ago

dont know why they disagreed, maybe some 360 fanboys. But based off my knowledge with tech your spot on. The PPU core on the ps3 does processing and physics, and the spu's are essentially another gpu. 5 spu's are equal to one rsx. So basically the ps3 has two rsx's and then more with the extra 2 spu's. Its pretty obvious ps3 has a little more power, but 360 has a better online, so take your pick because they are both excellent consoles with different advantages

FunkMcnasty2522d ago

bubbles for clear thinking and projected logic. Uncommon on this website.

I'm torn because I also have it preoredered for 360 as that's where most of my friends are (plus I cant do FPS's with the reversed trigger controls on the ps3--I need the big triggers for guns and the little bumper buttons for grenades, not vice-versa). Unfortunately for me it looks as though the Ps3 version looks better..

And before someone asks, NO. I'm not buying both versions. I'm not one to buy a version of a game on both conosles. I pick one and go with it.

4022521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )


the SPEs are used to accelearate both the ppe AND the RSX and there are only 6 spes available to game developers(1 is reserved for the OS and 1 was disabled to increased yield remember ?)

but your right the ps3 is a bit more powerful than 360 overall the gap may not be much but its STILL a difference.

the 360 isn't far behind though check out gears 3

OBVIOUSLY doesn't look quite as good as UC3 but it comes close it actually surpasses UC2 visuals(you'll have to play it without fanboy glasses on to realize this).

gears 3 is the ultimate proof that although ps3 is more powerful overall 360 is very close. so the ps3 version of BF3 can potentially be netter looking overall than the 360 version if dice uses the little extra power the ps3 has.

Although BF3 on 360 doesn't look as good as gears of war 3 so that can only mean they also aren't pushing the 360 to the max

I guess only exclusives can truly push consoles to their limits