EA's cheeky Battlefield 3 tagline goes beyond Call of Duty

Activision rival invites you to "Go Above and Beyond the Call"

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IM_A_NINJA2403d ago

I wish these guys would just let their game do the talking. This is getting kind of sad and pathetic.

Caleb_1412403d ago

That's EA and Activision for you - I hate how people throw the developers into the same boat as the publishers.

narutogameking2403d ago

Uh are you blind? This is a one-sided war. EA is doing all the fighting.

Jobesy2403d ago

They want a piece of that COD pie. They're even making the game more casual friendly. Less destruction, no commander, TDM. Even the box art looks like MW2 lol. They should call the game Call of Battlefield.

evrfighter2403d ago

Wait, you're acting as if EA if supposed to be a company with values.

You sir have left me confused

-Alpha2403d ago

It's actually a pretty good tagline, it'd be funny if people weren't so tired of EA trashtalking

farhsa20082403d ago

I have a comeback tagline for call of duty:

"Own the battlefield"


electricshadow2403d ago

Haha, that's pretty good. I'm a BF fan and I kinda hope they use that for MW3.

Blues Cowboy2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Heh, I don't laugh out loud very often, but that was very well said! Have a bubble up.

"Own the Battlefield" works on so many levels. It'll be interesting to see whether MW3 actually will though.

TheGameFoxJTV2400d ago

Am I the only one who thinks this has nothing to do with the Call of Duty series? I think people are just grasping at straws for articles.