The Arcade Stick: Fighter’s Best Friend

The Great Gaming Crusade: "Every role or position has a particular tool of the trade. Painters use brushes, soldiers use weapons, and gamers? Well, gamers have a variety of tools at their disposal. There’s the bread and butter controller (for the respective system, of course). There are a variety of different peripheral devices – such as the Wii Zapper and PS Move - for special purposes gaming. And then there’s the classic arcade stick. Yes, the old-fashioned controller is still alive, and in fact still in use. However, it now appeals to a particular genre of games; fighting."

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nyobzoo2560d ago

soon hitbox will be the main controller to play fighting games

wampdog292560d ago

That looks cool and all, but not exactly easy since you have to always change hand positions on every fighter's special moves. I also wouldn't care even if it WAS the easiest thing in the world, arcade sticks would still be the fighter's best friend. People said each new control type that came out would "surpass" the arcade stick, but it's still the most liked for fighters.

Boody-Bandit2560d ago

Sorry but I think that hitbox looks silly. I wouldn't us it if it was given to me.