Wii U Is Perfect For Pokemon Snap 2

The original Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64 is a fond childhood memory for many, and both deserves and needs a sequel. As fun as the first one was, it had a lot of limitations, wasn't long enough, and only contained 63 Pokemon. There's much room for improvement, but it's still a great concept that the current generation of gamers has yet to experience, and the 3.63 million copies of the original game that sold should be more than enough motivation for Nintendo to follow it up with a bigger, better sequel for today's gamers.

I don't think I'm alone in believing that the Wii U is the perfect platform to launch it on. If Nintendo were to take a look into this, what could we hope to see from Pokemon snap on the hardware of tomorrow?

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NukaCola2493d ago

If there is a SNAP 2, I hope it's an open world like how Afrika was on PS3. I'd rather not have a rail game.

TruthbeTold2491d ago

On 3DS you could actually take pictures outside in nature environments so I'd prefer it on that, but I'd take it on Wii U for sure.

MoreRPG2491d ago

i want A REAL POKEMON GAME make it happen nintendo

mike1up2491d ago

Yea, but eventually i would like to see both. As perfectly as Pokemon Snap could work on the WiiU, i cannot stop thinking about how incredibe an RPG or MMO would be with the extra screen.

Khordchange2490d ago

Pokemon snap 2 needs to happen! come on nintendo, it would sell like crazy. the casuals will love it and the older crowd will love it.

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