3DS Tops 5m Slower than Wii, DS, PS2 but faster than X360, PS3

Nintendo's latest portable has topped 5m units through the week to September 17, 2011. The 3DS launched in late February in Japan and late March in the West. The question is 'How does that compare to other recent platforms' globally and regionally?

Compared to other recent systems in an aligned region by region launch, the 3DS has reached 5m units slower than Wii, PSP, PS2 and DS but faster than X360 and PS3. If 3DS were to continue to beat X360 / PS3 long term and remain behind DS, Wii, and PS2 (but not PSP) that would put the device on a pace for 80m - 160m lifetime, although its way way too early to project that far out.

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browngamer42434d ago

But,but,but..the 3ds is doomed! Nintendo is a failure..they should go back to being a card maker,software developer,hair stylist,etc.-yeah right.

fluffydelusions2434d ago

The recent price drop REALLY helped. Can't imagine how long it would have taken to reach that number without the drop.

TopDudeMan2434d ago

I completely agree. I wouldn't have bought one yet if they hadn't dropped to such an attractive price. I was going to wait until pokemon came out but I thought I'd get it so I can play some of the games released before then since it is now cheap.

badz1492434d ago


Nintendo had to swallow their pride and remind themselves that they can't sell big unless being CHEAP!

DaTruth2434d ago

The thing costs like 27% of the price of a launch PS3, with the record for pricecut after launch!

Apex132434d ago

I think it's a lesson learnt not to charge console prices for hand helds. Good luck psv

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TOO PAWNED2434d ago

vgchartz= proven fake bs site

morganfell2434d ago

It doesn't matter that vgchartz is fake. The 3DS is going to hit a serious brick wall starting in December.

Apex132434d ago

No offence but you are clueless and if anything they will see sales grow even more that period because of he games line up. There is a reason why their games stand out to other third parties and why they sell so well.

Matrix_2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

For the record the systems that did it faster released in at least 1 region during the holidays, and in the case of the ds, was cheaper. And the 3ds isnt that much far behind the ds.

So all in all great job 3ds.

And I fully expect the fiscal 3ds number to surpass the ds fiscal number.

Anon19742434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

You'd be the only one who expects 3DS numbers to surpass, Mr Duplicate Account. And it's funny, because the DS launch was widely seen as a failure even though it did gain strength years later. Of course, within two years after the iphone hit the scene the DS's sales were down by almost half.

Currently, Nintendo has had to slash their annual forecasts to a 27 year low. Only a company in great shape with a strong product lineup that they expect to more than exceed sales expectations need to cut forecasts to a point before the mobile game market existed. </sarcasm>

But hey, don't let little things like facts and common sense ruin your day. I'm sure they'll go from 27 year low to 27 year high in no time, and we'll all look back and laugh at when we thought the portable game market changed due something as silly as hundreds of millions of smartphones and their inexpensive games.
In fact, as a mobile phone game developer myself, what on earth is my company doing making games for only a few hundred million potential users when the 3DS has stormed out of the gates with 5 million? I've got to seriously rethink the entire company strategy! That 3DS, that's a game changer for developers, alright!

Edit below: Oh crap! You spoke to some guys and they agree with you? That changes everything. You need to write a letter to Nintendo. They need to know so they can revise their forecasts upwards. Why are you sitting on this info? Get it out there! Nintendo and analysts the world over have made a terrible mistake.

Matrix_2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Are you stalking me or something? Id think youd want to save that 1 bubble for you know......facts. Not trolling

Actually everyone I speak to expects it to surpass. Jesse from edgar the most vocal about it. Even nintendo themselves. Ds sales were only down by half during its last full year on the market. Which usually happens when something replaces it. Like the 3ds.

Nintendo has had to slash there annual forecast to a 27 year low due to lower than expected ds and wii sales. 3ds forecasts increased and exceeded expectations. They are still making profit.

3ds sales are increasing in every region. Things are looking up for the holidays. There is more development support than the ds got. And the 3ds is the number 1 selling system in The us, europe, and japan. I wonder if mobile gaming had anything to do with that?

But hey dont let facts and common sense ruin your day

"In fact, as a mobile phone game developer myself,"

ah, now I get why your so insecure, you troll

A few hundred million potential users? You mean like the less than 60 percent that dont even game on phones. Same with gaming on computers? Are you sure you arent the janitor? If your even telling the truth and not lying on a forum which is common

The majority of game sales in the US, europe, and japan are through physical games sold on systems. Thats a direct quote from npd analysts.

Therefore. Yeah the 3ds selling 5 million faster than any system not launching during a holiday is impressive

Khordchange2434d ago

when the iphone came out in 2007, that was the ds's biggest year. and in 2008, it sold pretty much the same

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