How Diablo III’s DRM Will Affect You

John Walker writes:Diablo III‘s ‘always-on’ DRM is obviously a matter of much controversy, albeit a more nuanced one than that of Ubisoft. Where Ubisoft implemented the grotesque system purely as a claimed measure to fight piracy, Blizzard’s logic at least has some elements that offer benefits to the player., online ranking, drop-in-drop-out co-op, the auction house, and constant live monitoring of your progress, and monitoring to prevent cheating, can all be argued to be in the players’ favour, in a way that Settlers VII crashing its single player because the internet blipped does not. But it doesn’t make the problem go away, and I want to strongly argue that Blizzard reconsider their decision, in the face of its simply breaking their game. Because no matter how perfect your connection, it will affect you.

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Tsuru2489d ago

The whole time im reading this all im thinking is "Wow this guy does not understand why they are doing this, so until he does all im hearing from his post is "rant rant rant, bitch bitch bitch""

Spinal2489d ago

I don't know whats the big deal. Will people prefer if Diablo 3 went back to the way of Diablo 2 where you couldnt use the same char from your singleplayer game in multiplayer?

How else can Blizzard guarantee you wont cheat with your singleplayer 'offline' char? By making sure YOU ARE ALWAYS ONLINE.

People have always been online for years now... i don't see the problem with this.

Also I would never play a game like Diablo Singleplayer /spit.

Multiplayer all the way!

blackhammer2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Its kinda funny that some gamers don't consider those who do not want to play with others or be a part of some "economy", even disregarding those who can't afford a well-enough broadband connection or those who are rarely in reach of an internet connection.

I absolutely agree with everything John has wrote, because it is truly ridiculous. Not being able to pause and being sent back to checkpoints if there's a hiccup in your internet or their server, also being logged out if away from the game too long. From the sound, it really is getting the MMO treatment even though it is half at heart a single-player game.

There can be two different SP options: Single-player (offline) and single-player (online). The online one has to remain online to communicate with the Blizzard servers while the offline one can be offline but cannot interact with the auction house or multiplayer functions. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. Why not allow it to be like that?

Ramas2488d ago

seems simple, but think about this in single player ofline hackers hack some epic items and then go to online mode with those items and sell it for real life cash

blackhammer2488d ago


That wouldn't be possible because it would be OFFLINE. As in: NO INTERACTION WITH THE MULTIPLAYER ELEMENTS. It cannot go online. Everything offline stays offline.

Would you please re-read my comment and the article. A hacker would not be able to do that and even if they could, the Blizzard server would detect such inconsistency/hack in the game and would easily end the ban of said hacker.

Tsuru2481d ago


But its the fact that since they have access to alot of client side stuff that people come up with hacks in the first place. By making everything server side it gives less room for people to create stuff like that. And if you've been keeping up with the news there is already a person that has come up with a speed hack with just the very little client side access he's got from BETA.