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Kikoo: "F1 2011 is a worthy successor to last year. Improved, improved but not error-free. More inclined towards adventure lovers Sunday with the console, than in the direction of race-timers, but everyone will find in it something special for yourself. There are several difficulty levels and each can be modified according to their own whim, so you can play pretty nicely. So it is worth to buy F1 2011? Fans of the sport will need to reach for the title."

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Deeke2437d ago

Normally no formula racing games appeal to me, but this one looks pretty sweet.

iamgoatman2436d ago

Got this game this morning (1 day before release in the UK, thanks and I'd call it a minor improvement, but a much needed improvement none the less. Wouldn't pay more than the £18 I did for it, as it feels a bit like a big DLC pack.

Handling is nothing like F1 2010 though, I'd say it's easier to drive with a pad as well despite what some reviews have said, feels more arcadey than the original, which was by no means a sim anyway but at least the driving was a challenge unlike now. Also the graphics are pretty disappointing, if anything they're worse than 2010 with it's shadow draw distances and textures, and DX11 doesn't seem to add anything.