DICE "nervous" about Battlefield 3

DICE’s Karl Magnus Troedsson says he is “a bit nervous” about the release of Battlefield 3. He says the team is proud of what it’s achieved, but it’s the biggest and most important game the company has ever created.

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princejb1342523d ago

they shouldn't be its gonna do well in sales and gameplay

Undeadwolfy2523d ago

And if they continue to support it for a good few years I'll be happy although at the end of Bad Company 2?s campaign (if you played it), it left it way open for a sequel so I reckon dice will be working on that in a few years too. As well as a sequel to Mirrors Edge.

BeardedPriest2522d ago

You actually liked Bad Company two's campaign?

Undeadwolfy2522d ago

Yup I liked Bad Company 2's campaign. Was better than the standard military serious tough guy type campaign. I like that the characters actually had a personality. If I want the soldier style personality, I get Medal of Honor (although the multiplayer was awful, the campaign was pretty cool), and Battlefield 3, which is going for the realistic approach. I can understand why people didnt like BC2's campaign though.

Kevin ButIer2522d ago

Got to agree, the campaing is really good in terms of story and characters but in terms of gameplay is kinda MEH, more like totally MEH

Bigpappy2523d ago

It depends on their expectations. It could get hurt on 360 sales because of all the big name shooter the base is already familiar with. BF is not new to them, but never had the kind of audience Halo, Gears and COD has. So this is a tough time to try and be a top player on that console.

PS3 owner had a lot of incentives thrown their way. But even there, COD is the number one selling game on the system. Since there are only 1 other major war game releasing on PS3, the outlook for BF is much more positive.

I expect the PC version to get a lot of attention, due to the hype aroung the graphic. These guys spend a lot of money on their systems specificly for games like this.

SKYRIM. Even thought this game does not directly compete, it would take some attention away from some other big hitter, especially on PC. But that will only result in a delay.

damnyouretall2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

bf3 will do great on consoles, especially on the shooter console of choice, the 360. i personaly look forward to more of a variety in my aaa shooters. and others look boring compared to the footage ive seen already. id rather play it than halo,gears and cod. the buzz, reviews, marketing, dice's track record, open beta and soon to be word of mouth. i think dice will be humble as shit in a few months

Kleptic2523d ago

^^I agree...its actually now more than ever that BF3 could do really well on the 360...halo isn't halo anymore...or at least not what it used to be...and even at its pinnacle (2007, around the release of halo 3) was knocked off by cod 4...which kind of came out of no where...

while its real competition is cod...I still see the tide shifting towards BF...or at least to a degree that EA is hoping for (simply taking a decent chunk of cod's market share) will never outsell MW3, but it can make a big dent...and easily take the crown critically if it plays as well as it looks...

Convas2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

"halo isn't halo anymore...or at least not what it used to be...and even at its pinnacle (2007, around the release of halo 3) it was knocked off by cod 4...which kind of came out of no where... "

LULwut? Every Halo release is still greeted with excitement. The Halo community is still one of the largest out there. The Halo multiplayer (Halo 3, Halo: Reach) experience is still graced by over 250K+ plus people every day.

A remake of a ten year old Halo game has almost as many pre-orders as a popular upcoming PS3 exclusive.

You want to know what happened to Halo? Its market became crowded. Call of Duty stepped in, Battlefield stepped in, and then all these other multiplayer experiences came onto Xbox Live. That's why Halo got knocked off of its throne.

Halo hasn't changed, and no, it's not dying. And where the hell were you during Halo 3's launch? Sure COD4 stole some thunder, but look at where that's put us with the Call of Duty franchise ...

chriski3332523d ago

Well Damn I'd be nervous 2 this game has a ton of hype on it but if anyone can pull off a massive game like this we all know dice can do it

Flavor2522d ago

It will be a fun game, but please don't expect it to come anywhere close to mass market titles like GoW3 or MW3 in terms of sales.

The data is out there to see right now in the form of preorder rankings.

I'm afraid EA are setting their sights a little too high.

cyborg69712522d ago

Cod cant because it doesnt have destruction. No frostbite 2.0 no destroying. Sorry troll thank you come again.

snipes1012522d ago

He's (probably) talking in terms of sales genius. And some people, believe it or not, don't give two shits about destruction and just want to play the game all of their friends are playing.

I'm buying both but I'll tell you now, there's no way that COD will be knocked from the top of the sales charts by a game that has never even nipped the heels of the numbers that COD does.

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bumnut2522d ago

There is lots of pressure, working with a large team for years on a single project would make you nervous when release day comes.

xPrOzAK--2523d ago

this game is a masterpiece that's all

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I'm sure the game will be great, Dice has never let me down.

It's like when I finish an essay for college and hand it in, I'm nervous even though i know i did well. Dice Will do Well and have NOTHING! to worry about :)

Battlefield 3 will be a game changer no doubt about it.

superrey192523d ago

It's only natural. You put years worth of work and effort into something, you want it to be successful.

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