ZTGD | Rise of Nightmares Review (Kinect)

Michael Futter writes: It’s typically a bad sign for a console or peripheral when our expectations for any game that supports it are low. As a parent, the Kinect is a wonderful game device that provides hours of enjoyment for my kids. As a “core” gamer, though, the device has, so far, been a disappointment. If Microsoft hadn’t put so much focus on the Kinect, it would be easy to write it off as one of those things that just isn’t for us. Instead, with the emphasis the company has placed on the device, we’re instead left asking, “where are the games for ‘gamers?’”

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Deeke2520d ago

This is one of the more favorable Rise of Nightmare reviews, heh. I personally don't own a Kinect because of the point you made, that there aren't really any gamers for gamers on the console.

Gunstringer is one of the good ones, though, and I'd like to try it out sometime.

PaladinXII2520d ago

My Gunstringer review should be going live in the next couple of days. I really enjoyed it, also. Again, it's not going to sell a Kinect to core gamers, but if there is one in the house, Rise of Nightmares and Gunstringer are must-owns.

I don't know why people had issues with Rise of Nightmares. The motion tracking works better than most other Kinect games, the story is pure cheese, and you get to beat the undead with all manner of found and intentional weaponry. :)

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