Watch Resident Evil 4 HD Vs. Resident Evil 4 for Gamecube

The high-definition remake of Gamecube horror classic Resident Evil 4 has finally been released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, via the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. We opted for the Xbox 360 version, a hefty 3.59 GB download.

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Raider692407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Well the comparison should be made from the Wii version.But frankly people that have the GC version dont need to buy this upscaled version because the game looks better on GC than on the PS3 and XBOX 360 .By making a crap port ( upscaled ) and not a true remaster HD version the game in the so called fake HD is more prone on showing the player all the low textures, stretch image and enhance the graphic defects of the game.The game just looks better played on the Wii or the GC than on the PS3 and xbox 360 ( I have them all!).Of course if you never played the game or have the fixations for achievements and trophys go ahead and buy it.

Welshy2407d ago

I dont think we just watched the same video... Although the textures may not be a great deal better, the detail in the environments, enemies etc is far superior imo.

My main reason for not just dusting off the old ganecube is that lame controller. It's like a an original xbox pad that took a mild stroke...

Raider692407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

The textures are not better the textures are the same and look worst because they pop out due to the upscaled nature of the game!Have you look to the horrible look of the grass!? The enemies dont look better they a simply have a cleaner look also due to the upscaled nature.Do you even know the difference between upscaled and remaster HD !?Remaster in HD its much more in the lines of the new GOD OF War collections the PS2 version and the PSP or the HALO remaster than this crap shit Capcom is trying to sell calling it HD. Go play the PC version and watch the difference between this upscaled versions on the 360 and PS3 and the PC HD version.

Marcello2407d ago

Capcom are so damn lazy & cheap, its a disgrace that they have done this to this game & then have the nerve to ask 20 bucks for it.

Wat they have done is simply up the rez,add some Xbox/PS3 buttons, added some menu options & took about 10 mins to think up the achievements & trophies. It also suffers from audio probs & slowdowns !! its just unforgivable, really Capcom when did you decide to take massive shit on this game ?? prob just to get back at Shinji Makami for leaving !! I am definately passing on CV on Tuesday & anything else from you in the future. Total & utter bollox to you.

Welshy2407d ago

Looks great! I got the PS3 version for £6 before they fixed the error and I'm having a blast :D

My only gripe is that you still have to use the left stick to aim and games just don't do that anymore, very disorientating.

Would have like a platinum trophy too but we cant have it all I guess, for £6 you can't go wrong with a classic like resi 4!

FalconR2892407d ago

What about the annoyance of square being the action button when back on the ps2 it was X? And the worst thing is that you can't map them out. I've died 5 times because of the controls and I haven't died that much since my first ever play through of the game 6 years ago.

Ramas2407d ago

well you can go wrong becouse for me resident evil 4 and 5 were the worste, i do not want it even for free. If thre would be resident evil 1 on HD or resident evil 2 then i would buy it for sure.

oldfriend862407d ago

Graphics aren't everything. The GC/Wii's textures were softened, as opposed to seeing the edges of polygons, like in the new HD versions. Don't be fooled by the sharper visuals, cause the 360/PS3 versions don't offer anything else.

Wii controls > sharper graphics and 10+ trophies.

e-p-ayeaH2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

If i want to play RE4 in HD i get the PC version and patch it up.

My PC is pretty weak sauce for nowdays games but good enough for stuff like this.