OnLive Launch Titles & Upcoming Releases Revealed

Today’s launch of OnLive as a new gaming platform has of course garnered plenty of attention from the keenest gaming audience, looking at the new service with eagerness to see it develop. However, for many the platform is less important than the entertainment available on it: a necessary gateway to the software with which they choose to spend their free time.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Great service and it's free. For people who are still on the edge to try out this service I say go give it a try now. You won't have to buy anything just go ahead and download the client, and try a timed trial and you will personally see if it's good and worth-it.

user8586212555d ago

first game for £1 which includes deus ex human revolution hmmm! :P

Oxymoron0282555d ago

Got Human Revolution Augmented Edition (which comes with the first Dues Ex game) for £1... Love it :3.

Thats a PS3 copy and PC copy now.

Deeke2555d ago

Yeah, unfortunately my internet isn't capable of supporting OnLive--hopefully they'll work on that, since I'd love to review the platform and it's massive library of games.

Fishy Fingers2555d ago

More likely, YOU will have to work on that. As the service improves the bandwith demand will only grow. It'll be down to consumers to pony up for the internet connection. It's not like they're really asking for much anyway.

fluffydelusions2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Haven't tried it personally but I don't really like the idea of handing over money for a game I can't see to a company that may be nonexistent in a few months time. At least Sony/MS/Nintendo are proven game companies that have been around a while so I don't have much of an issue buying arcade or psn games because I know they aren't going anywhere.

bub162555d ago

onlive has actually been around for awhile and is getting bigger everyday

ShinnokDrako2555d ago

I was trying it (or better, i wanted to try it....) and i got an error message: "Your connection speed to the internet is not sufficent to provide good video quality".
I guess i have to forget about it.... i thought my 10Mb was enough... O_o?!?

Undeadwolfy2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I had the same problem when I beta tested Gaikai and had 30MB connection. I solved the problem by turning off my firewall, (unsafe I know), but it was only for a short while and it ran pretty good. You could of course set port forwarding and allow your firewall to allow data from the ports that OnLive uses. There was some noticable input lagg and the visuals werent great but it worked without any other problems. Plus it was a beta test so y'know.... I expect a refined experience with OnLive. Maybe ill get a free OnLive console at Eurogamer Expo tomorrow :)

ShinnokDrako2555d ago

Argh, lucky you ;(
Thanks for your advice tho, i try later if turning off my firewall works.

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