15 utterly stupid things to do in Saints Row 3

OXM UK: "If you're very, very attentive, and carefully ignore stuff like the brain-dead physics engine and those packs of ravening prostitutes, you might discover a bit in Saints Row: The Third that isn't mad as a circus. We weren't able to in the hour we spent with Volition and THQ's latest yesterday. "

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dirigiblebill2523d ago

16. Piloting a hoverjet, playing chicken with a co-op partner

Jam_sponge2523d ago

17. Use manapult to cover entire building with blood

Snowii2523d ago


i can find 100 on the first 10 minuts

Oldman1002523d ago

18. Run around naked with a giant purple dildo

MasterD9192523d ago

Octopus gun for the win.

Somewhere someone over at PETA is crying.