Guitar Hero Developer Working on First Person Shooter

Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk developer Neversoft is working on a first-person shooter title, new job listings have revealed.

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Forbidden_Darkness2464d ago

OMG! That's so effing amazing! It's not like we have a thousand other FPS games, right!? /s

Quagmire2464d ago

From one over-saturated market to another....

ATi_Elite2463d ago

Great so now we get Call of Duty 2 times a year!


im guessing something with Hero.... hmmmmmmm im also guessing another plastic toy thatll be worthless in months following...

lizard812882463d ago

They should merge the two games. A guitar gun would be awesome. Shoot, why not just merge all of Acti's games?

Play as Spiderman, riding on a skateboard with a guitar gun, shooting at transformers who trough exploding zoobles, while you try to protect a town filled with Squinkies.

Kaizin5142464d ago

Does it use one of the 10 guitars/drums/microphones that I have? No?

ATi_Elite2463d ago

Ah you bought the whole set?

Dude you start a band!!

Kaizin5142463d ago

Well, no, I do have 3 Guitar Hero guitars, and the rest of what I own is Rock Band (drums, mics, whatever). Although, I am confused as to why I got a disagree vote, it was a joke implied towards owning 100 peripherals and having nothing new to use them on... oh well, someone must have just been bitter that day.... unless it is you ATi_Elite, then, we shall have to fight.

Relientk772464d ago


Yeah because we don't have like every other studio making and pumping out shooters already

oh wait...

Myst2464d ago

They couldn't go for an RTS :/

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The story is too old to be commented.