RAGE - 5 Reasons It Is Not Borderlands writes: Most gamers find the similarities between id Software's upcoming RAGE and Borderlands quite staggering; both are set inside a giant wasteland, feature vehicle based combat and a multitude of bandits and mutants standing in your way from the final goal of completion. We'll skip the obvious defense that RAGE has been in development long before Borderlands was even conceived and offer you five more compelling reasons why it will offer you a completely different wasteland experience.

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beast242tru2191d ago

this game looks sick and nasty and wonderfully great

hellerphant2191d ago

After playing it for an hour straight and meeting Tim Willits last week I'm happy to report that the game is all of those things and more my friend ;)

JellyJelly2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Why not just write an informative preview about your experience of the game and meeting with Tim Willits?

I know you probably need hits but why drag Borderlands into this?

It makes about as much sense as writing "Milk - 5 Reasons It Is Not Orange Juice".

meetajhu2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

How was the graphics on console?

hellerphant2190d ago

Played the 360 version and it was crisp and ran silky smooth. Still, I'll be picking it up for PC at launch.

hellerphant2191d ago

Actually I posted an informative preview along with the interview with Tim last week. I wrote this after an overwhelming response from those articles that it looked like a Borderlands clone....

JonahNL2191d ago

Was there any doubt about this? I never considered RAGE to be ANYTHING like Borderlands.

PrivateRyan2191d ago

I look forward to the follow-up article.

Skyrim - 5 Reasons It Is Not Forza

Solid Wolf2191d ago

ID is about to shock the world again with this game......First they DOOMed the world now they're about to show their RAGE! >:D

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