The Closest You're Going To Get To WaveRace On PlayStation 3

PushSquare: "What's happened to all the great jet-ski games? Nintendo hasn't put out a WaveRace title since the GameCube. Sony doesn't look like it's ever going to resurrect Jet Moto. And Microsoft owns Hydro Thunder -- yes, technically not a jet-ski game we know."

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fluffydelusions2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

New jet moto please Sony. That game was so fun on PS1. Oh well at least we get a new twisted metal game :)

fei-hung2489d ago

When you look at all the content Home offers, it is simply mind blowing..... but, for some uknown reason, I just can't be bothered to log into Home :s

Like the idea of WaterStorm. tsunamis, whirlwinds, underwater whirlpools, sharks, killer whales, waterfalls, rapid rivers...niiiiiiiice!