OnLive: 'Do gamers want to pay $500 for a PS4, or get the same games with us?'

VP John Spinale on the future of cloud gaming

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jacen1002494d ago

$500? would be nice and cheap, more like £500 here in the uk lol

decrypt2494d ago

Why pay that much for a console, when i could make an open platform like PC for the same money.

iamnsuperman2494d ago

The game situation is interesting. True you can get multiplats on onlive but what about exclusives. Onlive doesn't have exclusives. Exclusives as well as other things sell a system. Can you get uncharted on onlive? No. What about Halo? No. Xbox and playstation are still more attractive for these reasons. They need to think about making exclusives.

nix2494d ago

i play games. thus i buy consoles. games i get on consoles can't be found on PC/Mac. almost every game i've bought this gen has been a PS3 exclusive. so console it is for me.

that's just my pov.

fastNslowww2494d ago

yeah because PC has much more better/exclusive games..right?

enjoy your constant PC issues...and I'll stick to my simple powerful machine that is made primarily for games.

PotatoClock2494d ago

Yes you are right Soap. PC has a crapload of exclusives, and very very good ones too.

Indie games and especially games by Paradox are incredible and addictive as hell. Cheap as anything too. Don't even need a powerful computer to play them.

You should really try actually playing games rather than caring about what platform they are on. As soon as you close yourself off to just one platform you miss out on a lot.

Ranshak2494d ago


Why is it the only games that can be good according to you are exclusives?

BF3 might be this years most anticipated game, Guess which version will be the best experience?

jacen1002494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

my point exactly :) and pc is so so so much more on top of gaming

sikbeta2494d ago

Onlive or PC can't give me the exclusives games that I love, you'll get the same answer from x360 gamers and N gamers...

Guitardr852494d ago


Just off the top of my head....

Starcraft 2
Shogun Total War
World of Warcraft
King Arthur
Civilization (not societies that sucked cuz consoles got it)
Sins of a Solar Empire

Just to name a few...
But I guess you still get all of your Halo games...

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MaxXAttaxX2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Multiplatforms only.
I'd be missing out on all the exclusive PlayStation franchises.

Besides, what if OnLive doesn't do well?
The service dies and so would my games along with it. There's little to no sense of ownership.

Ghoul2494d ago

id rather pay 2000 euro then paying a single cent for cloud gaming at this stage of development.

well talk again in 6 + years

bumnut2494d ago

Its true, PS3 for £450 when it launched.

Apollyn2494d ago

Wrong £425
I bought it day one and love it!

Besides retards pay £500 each year for the new iphone so it aint that bad

Bathyj2494d ago

In Australia they were 1000 bucks.

Pretty incredible now when you think about how strong our dollar is now.

bumnut2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Oh well I was £25 out, thats not even enough to buy a game.

As for retards paying £500 for an iphone, they probably think the same about people paying so much for a PS3.

I don't have an iphone btw

superrey192494d ago

He is referring to people who buy the new, slightly better iphone year after year at full price. People don't buy a ps3 or 360 every year.

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scofios2494d ago

Or get the same games with us??
Uncharted, killzone,resitance,litle big planet,gran turismo,infamose, ratchet,and many more sony ip's,
i really doubt that.

FlameBaitGod2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

@ SoapNBubbles = Someone who doesn't own a PC

fluffydelusions2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Sorry Onlive but you will never have Playstation exclusives so no I would not want to go with you. The only thing this service will get is PC games which require high bandwidth to be will not even have 360 exclusives as few as there is.

MastaMold2494d ago

PlayStation Long Live Play 4ever

princejb1342494d ago

online sounds interesting but they don't have all the titles i want at launch
and i don't want to pay no subscription that shit adds up in the long run

fei-hung2494d ago

Its not just about exclusives and having a machine which keeps updating itself hardware and softwarewise. You have to look at the whole package to make a comparison.

Unlike consoles, Onlive will not have any extra functions such as; XBNA, PSN, BD, DVD, HDD and other apps the consoles have.

Most importantly, you can only play onlive as long as you have a decent connection in your home. Now what if your home is like my home where we have 3 phones, 2 netbooks, 2 tablets, apple tv, itouch, 2 ps3's, 1 pc and one mac book pro all connected to the internet, streaming music, videos, file sharing etc etc. How will this affect Onlive's streaming of a video game?

What happens if I am playing Onlive and my brother decides to download a 1.2Gb demo on psn and stream a movie on Hulu whilst my sister video talks to her niece in america?

This is why i rather pay $500 for a console. It can do a lot more than Onlive, it has more functionality and most importantly, I as a gamer can buy games, borrow games from friends, swap them, trade them and buy those sweet collector's editions for my trophy cabinet.

Onlive is designed for gamers who do not care about exclusives and the simplicity of console gaming.

jetlian2494d ago

you would still have all those devices on if its ps3 or onlive funny how you spent so much time on nothing!

fei-hung2494d ago

@jetlian u missed the point. I do not have to be online to play on my PS3 or Xbox, unless I am playing MP and even then, the bulk of the MP data is on the Disk and not all of it needs to be streamed.

Onlive requires your internet connection to be constantly up and steady.

jetlian2494d ago

the same way onlive or ps3. But I will give you the always online still the whole story of everyone in your house online wasn't needed

theonlylolking2494d ago

Onlive has a point but they need to advertise on freddieW, FPSRussia, machinima, etc... youtube channels. They also need to have ads on tv.

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THC CELL2494d ago

i would pay a grand for the next ps

shikamaroooo2494d ago

I payed that much when the 60 gig first released in Australia

Picture_Dancer2494d ago

I've payed 2400zł for 60 gig first released in Poland. Minimal working rate is 5zł/h so lets say I had to work 480h so it is 12 working weeks.

People in UK or USA had to pay 600$. Let's say minimal working rate is 8$/h, so you had to work only 75h that is berely 2 weeks!

That's why I hate people from UK or USA complaining that consoles and games are expensive.

Imagine paying 3840$ for PS3 - this is the equivalent price for what we in Poland had to pay.

bumnut2494d ago

In which currency? 'A grand' is a little vague.

meetajhu2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I had put a ticket to Japan to get my 60gb launch PS3 which also has hardware PS2 compatibility so all games work

blumatt2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I wouldn't pay a grand. I'm hoping they price the PS4 at $400 for the highest. It would make the launch a little easier.

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monkeymagik2494d ago

Err, how are we going to get the same games with Onlive when the exclusives for the PS3 will not appear on it.

Seriously there will not be Uncharted 4 with Onlive.

I wish people would think before they stink.

Optical_Matrix2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I know for a fact, the next Playstation and Xbox 360 will retail for no more than £350. This generation laid the foundations for next generation and PS4/Xbox 720 will be a technical refinement of the PS3/360 rather than a massive leap like it was from the 6th generation.
As such, they'll be cheaper to develop and will won't retail for £425 like the PS3 once did.

OnLive sounds alright but I don't think it has much staying power at all. My opinion? Online gamers WILL pay $400 for PS4 and won't even give OnLive a second glance. You know it. I know it. This thing won't kick off for another gen or so if at all.

There will be no Gears of War, no Halo, no Uncharted, no COD (as of yet), no God of War, no Pokemon, no Mario, no Street Fighter, no Metroid, no Zelda....I need no go any further.

CynicalVision2494d ago

I want a product that offers great exclusive games, Onlive offers no such thing.

outwar60102494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

some pc games are pretty cool and pc does have quite a few exclusives