Chrono Cross and three other new PSOne Classics coming to Playstation Network

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed four new PSOne Classic games, including the highly-requested Chrono Cross, for the Playstation 3 and PSP that will be released on the Playstation Network.

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koehler832522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

After this week's gaff regarding Chrono Trigger and FFVI, I'll reserve anticipation until I see them on the store.

(Even though I already have Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and FFVI on disc.)

Acquiescence2522d ago

After all these years of yearning, I'll finally be able to play Chrono Cross. Life is good.

NukaCola2522d ago

Chrono Cross is great. A lot of people kind of hated on it for not being a direct sequel to Chrono Trigger, but once you get in the game you'll see why it's great. The gameplay is pretty cool on how it works. I never personally understood the leveling system, but I like a game where the enemies are always on screen until you touch them...It helps with being able to get from point A - B without triggering a ton of random battles, especially when your in a hurry.

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JellyJelly2522d ago

I loved Chrono Cross. I remember thinking "this looks just as good as any Dreamcast game" the first time I played it :)

Agent_hitman2522d ago

Chrono cross is a good substitute for FF series

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The story is too old to be commented.