OnLive Hits The UK

OnLive, the pioneer of cloud gaming, launches its on-demand video game service today at the 2011 Eurogamer Expo in London, bringing amazing new gameplay experiences to the UK. Gamers across the UK can sign up for free at and instantly play about 150 top-tier games via almost any broadband Internet connection on their HDTV, PC or Mac, and soon on iPad and Android tablets.

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bumnut2490d ago

The library of games is quite poor too

Matrix_2490d ago

top tier looses its meaning

overlorduk2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I'm in the UK and I've been using it for almost a year (I think). I think it's great apart from the resolution not being so good as having the game on your HD. But I agree that it won't really catch on here while the average broadband speeds are only around 6mb/s and most people still have monthly download limits. Maybe 5 years or so ahead of it's time here.

kmanmx2490d ago

I just tried it. Okay i'm only on crappy 3mb DSL, but even ignoring that blatantly bad quality, input lag was absolutely terrible. My ping is usually 30ms in most games, but this.. it was just unplayable.

caseh2490d ago

I'm tempted to take a look at this if its free to sign up. I've only got 5mb ADSL though so if the quality is as bad i'm constantly hearing I don't think i'll even go as far as signing up for free.

bub162490d ago

so are you signing up or not. you make no sense

caseh2489d ago

Makes perfect sense, you don't understand english. I stated I was tempted then after weighing up what others have said I stated I don't think i'll even go as far as signing up. Easy no?

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