Brutal Gamer: Dead Island Review

Brutal Gamer writes:

For months now the general consensus was that zombie games were pretty much dead (no pun honestly intended). With the advent of the Red Dead DLC and the final zombie modes in Black Ops this genre was on a road to nowhere.

Techland, makers of the recently bloody awful Call of Juarez: The Cartel, had other ideas with their take on not only the zombie game but RPGs too.

So everyone, and possibly their cat, watched the trailer that hit a few months back. It was a superb work that grabbed everyone’s attention. The trouble is that so many people thought this was the game, that the well paced and scripted trailer was how the game was going to pan-out. More fool them. As anyone whose watched a trailer for a summer blockbuster movie will know, these things be having a slant! And we’ll leave the trailer there – it served its purpose very well.

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HebrewHammer2493d ago

7.5 sounds about right. Good review!

moosehound2493d ago

Thanks my friend :) Game is excellent just so broken I could not give it a higher score with good peace of mind.