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Gareth Chadwick states, "Let me get this hammered out from the start; Dead or Alive Dimensions is probably my favorite fighting game of all time. I can say that unreservedly and without exaggeration. The reasons for this extend beyond the game and into the portability of the 3DS itself, but, even with this portability, Dimensions would have to be one hell of a game to get such praise."

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Venox20082189d ago

great game! recommend to all fighting fans especially who likes fighting games like Tekken

browngamer42189d ago

And if you like Tekken the insanely beautiful prime 3d is on its way..good time to be a fighting fan and 3ds owner!

Venox20082189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

now we need mature with blood, gore, 3D fatalities, brutalities, friendships, babalities, animalities, Challenge tower, story mode.......................... ......................MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!! :D

Shnazzyone2188d ago

Was definitely a worthwhile purchase, I think i've spent more time on this out of all my games except bowser's inside story. Just wish the online was more reliable and it was easier to set up a game with some friends.