Adobe: Flash 11 to have browser games comparible to PS3/Xbox 360

Adobe is conscious about how they no longer can take Flash Player’s position on the Web for granted with lots of new alternatives from opposing brands are entering the browser-based plugin market. This is the reason why the company plans to ship Flash Player 11, there latest Flash plugin in two weeks’ time.

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zeal0us2278d ago

I think Adobe need to start preparing HTML5 or figure out a way make flash more battery friendly.

Flash 11 to have browser games comparible to PS3/Xbox 360*

*please do note we are talking about the low-end games

ikkokucrisis2278d ago

UC2 on flash, then we'll talk...

zeeshan2278d ago

Flash 11 to have PS3/360 types of games? Errm... NO!!! lol :)

And yes, I am soooo looking forward to HTML 5 and CSS3 to be all official and final.

monkeymagik2278d ago

I think you'll need Flash 15 for that.

KingPin2278d ago

with the regular updates adobe flash gets <which isnt a bad thing> im thinking more along the lines of Flash 25

Fishy Fingers2278d ago

Impressive claim, although your rarely going to see the volume of time/effort put into a flash game to rival console development. But any advancement is of course welcome.

fooxy2278d ago

What will be the requirements for RAM before my computer chokes itself 8GB ? :P

Dark_Overlord2277d ago

My thoughts exactly, Flash is such a resource hog its beyond a joke, only Java seems to beat it in inefficiency. They really need to optimise it a hell of a lot more

Eyesoftheraven2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

(The fine print): Equal to PS3 and XBOX360 *ARCADE* games.

humbleopinion2277d ago

Even then - considering the fact that Crysis 1 comes to PSN and XBLA... I wish them luck showing something equivalent on Flash 11 :)

Eyesoftheraven2276d ago

My comment was a joke. Crysis 1 is coming to XBL Games On Demand and PSN as a full game title, not Arcade.

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