"Won't somebody think of the children?" Pimp Pad gaming bar in hot water

PCA: "South Australia's first gaming bar has been blasted by Adelaide City Council for being an 'adult entertainment venue' inappropriate for minors. Comparisons were also made to a seedy massage parlor."

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deadpoole2275d ago

lemmee correct it for ya ... boob O.O

Jack_DangerousIy2275d ago

Let me correct that for you. ... boob -_-

deadpoole2275d ago

Jack ... come with your own idea ... stop copyin ... loll

Pl4sm42275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

TIG OL BITTIES brought u here ....

clearelite2275d ago

LAME! Lots of censorship going on over in the AU lately it seems. Btw, does anyone know who that hot chick in the picture is?

clearelite2275d ago

Thanks a lot man, bubbles.

I would like to know who's randomly disagreeing with all of us. Must want more government control.

ICO/SOTC coming out this week, what was I talking about.

Inception2275d ago

no prob mate :)

for disagree fairy, no worries
it's just some puber kids who always blushing when they saw tities :D

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clearelite2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

that ass!

Tanir2275d ago

just saw!!!! tho not a fan of her strong hahaha, all else is good tho :P

Snakefist302275d ago

DAMN!!!!If I get a girl like her I will be in heaven FOREVER!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.