Dragon Quest X: screens of the Wii MMO show good things

RPG Land has some commentary on the Dragon Quest X screenshots and the game in general, such as "A big pitch with this game is the devs’ goal of making an MMO with a much simpler interface. This is fantastic because it helps Square Enix avoid alienating the DQ fanbase. Many of them are older and could surely adapt, but at the same time, I’m gonna make the educated guess that not a whole lot have played an MMO for any length of time. Furthermore, it helps keep the series appealing to the young crowd. A complete offline experience with optional online — said online having a light interface — will bode well for Square Enix and the Dragon Quest fans."

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Baka-akaB2491d ago

monster hunter tri is basically a mmo .

And ps2 , dreamcast and gc had no problems handling their mmos too with FFXI , and phantasy star online

AWBrawler2491d ago

people have selective memory here

imoutofthecontest2490d ago

Yep, and this one looks pretty good ^_^