OnLive (UK) launch games complete list

The complete list of UK launch titles for OnLive has been revealed. Players have to shell out between £1.99 and £39.99 for individual games.

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leogets2404d ago

so no popular games then ie,battlefield 3 or older battlefield games,call of duty or fifa.not even in the coming soon list. strange way to open a console to the public i at least needs the basics of such titles suuuuureeeely

Jdoki2403d ago

I tried the beta, and even on my lowly 4Mbit connection it was better than I expected (a fair bit of artifacting, but no frame drops or noticeable lag).

I like the idea of OnLive, and it's a valiant effort - but until the catalogue really grows, and broadband speeds are high enough to minimise artifacts I can't see myself using it.

Also, I feel slightly uncomfortable shelling out for content in this way. I can accept spending money on digital stuff through PSN, XBLA, or Steam because I don't expect them to go bust any time soon, and the content still resides on my machine(s).

OnLive is asking the consumer to take a big chance... If the company goes bust that's the end of the content access.