FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Interview with Director Motomu Toriyama and Battle Director Yusuke Matsui

Full interview with the director and battle director for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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nikoado2560d ago

"This time, the Crystarium isn’t locked by Chapters as it was in XIII."

"This time, the battle leader can be changed in the middle of the battle, and in the event the leader is defeated, the game automatically switches to another one."

These are important and sweet changes in my opinion.

SRTold2560d ago

Final Fantasy 13-2 has a battle system? Yeah right, I've seen videos.
There are no battles in Final Fantasy 13, or Final Fantasy 13-2.
What you do is this, you get into a fight, and choose which of the small selection of autobattle styles you wish to do. Choose, and it fights for you.

How can there be a director of battle for this game? What was his job, to name the limited number of autobattle types, and sign his name at the end of the game?

Here's an idea. Why don't your guys rehire the battle designers for Final Fantasy 1-9. They knew what they were doing.